Is Ackermans Legit or Just Another Scam? Ackermans Reviews

Is Ackermans Legit or Just Another Scam? Ackermans Reviews

As an avid online shopper always looking for the best deals, I frequently get bombarded with ads for sites offering unbelievably low prices on name brand goods. One such site that has recently caught my attention is Ackermans, an online retailer claiming to offer up to 90% off designer brands. However, as with many of these too-good-to-be-true deals, I have to wonder – is Ackermans legit or just another scam preying on shoppers?

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Is Ackermans Legit or Just Another Scam?

What Is Ackermans and How Does It Work?

What Is Ackermans and How Does It Work?

Ackermans is an online retailer that specializes in homeware, clothing, and general merchandise. Founded in 1931, Ackermans aims to provide quality products at affordable prices for the whole family. As a customer, I have found that their business model focuses on keeping costs low while maintaining good quality.

Ackermans operates solely online and does not have any physical store locations. All orders are dispatched from their main warehouse and distribution center in Cape Town, South Africa. As an international company, Ackermans ships to over 30 countries worldwide.

To shop with Ackermans, customers simply browse their website and add desired items to the online cart. Once you proceed to checkout, you enter your shipping and payment information to place the order. Ackermans accepts most major credit cards as well as PayPal.

Within 1 to 3 business days, Ackermans will process your order and dispatch it for shipping. Delivery timeframes vary depending on your location but typically range from 3 to 14 business days. Ackermans also offers free returns within 30 days of delivery if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

In summary, Ackermans is a reputable online general merchandise retailer that provides affordable, family-friendly products with convenient shipping and returns. While some negative reviews do exist, many customers report positive experiences with Ackermans regarding quality, value, and service. For budget-conscious shoppers, Ackermans can be a useful resource for essential household and clothing items.

Ackermans Reviews: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As an avid online shopper, I’ve come across many retailers in my time. One that frequently catches my eye is Ackermans, an South African company that sells clothing, homeware, beauty products and more. However, with so many scam sites out today, I had to ask myself: is Ackermans legit or just another fraud?

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The Good

After perusing various Ackermans reviews, I’ve found mostly positive experiences. Many customers praise Ackermans’ low prices, large selection, and fast shipping. Returns and refunds also seem to be handled well according to reviewers. Additionally, Ackermans has been in business since 1916, so they appear to be a reputable, long-standing company.

The Bad

Of course, no company is without its detractors. Some Ackermans reviews complain about poor quality goods that don’t match images on the website. There are also reports of orders arriving incomplete or not at all. A few people have had issues with Ackermans’ customer service regarding returns, refunds or resolving other problems.

The Ugly

As with any company, there will always be some “ugly” reviews that seem overblown or unreasonable. However, a few Ackermans reviews accuse them of outright scamming by refusing to issue refunds or send purchased goods. Some say the low prices are “too good to be true” and warn people away from the site altogether. There isn’t enough evidence to determine if these are isolated incidents or indicative of a larger issue, but they are worth noting.

In summary, while the majority of Ackermans reviews are positive and point to them being a legitimate business, there are certainly risks to shopping with them, as with any company. My advice would be to proceed with caution, check return policies carefully, and pay by credit card in case you need to dispute charges. If done responsibly, Ackermans may be worth a try for their unbeatable prices. But go in with realistic expectations about quality and service.

Is Ackermans a Scam? Red Flags to Watch Out For

When I first came across Ackermans, I was intrigued by their affordable prices and wide range of products. However, as with any company offering deals that seem too good to be true, I had to investigate further to determine if Ackermans is legit or just another scam.

Inferior Product Quality

The low prices come at the cost of low quality. Ackermans sources their products from cheap manufacturers, so you can expect clothes and other goods to fall apart quickly. Reviews complain of items arriving damaged or not as advertised. Ackermans may cut corners to turn a profit, but their poor quality control results in dissatisfied customers.

Misleading Advertising

Ackermans frequently runs “sales” that aren’t really sales at all. They mark up prices before slashing them to make you think you’re getting an amazing deal. Some reviewers report that “regular” prices are inflated, so the “sale” price is the real regular price. This deceptive tactic is a red flag.

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Poor Customer Service

If you receive a damaged or defective item, don’t expect helpful customer service. Numerous reviews describe difficulties obtaining refunds or replacements. Customer service representatives provide little assistance and the return process is tedious. For a company already offering subpar products, poor customer service is unacceptable.

Hidden Fees

In addition to inflated product costs, Ackermans tacks on high shipping fees and restocking fees for returns. The initial price may seem reasonable but these additional charges, especially for larger items, can increase the total cost significantly. Be wary of extra fees lurking in the fine print.

In summary, while Ackermans advertises appealing prices, there are too many signs pointing to this company being more scam than legit. Inferior quality, misleading ads, poor customer service, and hidden fees would make me avoid purchasing from Ackermans. For reliable and affordable clothing and home goods, shoppers would be better served looking to more reputable retailers.

Tips for Safely Shopping on Ackermans

To shop safely on Ackermans, there are a few tips I would recommend following:

Do your research

Before making a purchase, do some research on the product and seller. Check independent reviews to verify the item and quality are as advertised. See what others are saying about their experiences with the seller. Look for a history of positive reviews and high ratings. Be wary of sellers with little or no reviews.

Pay securely

Always pay through Ackermans’ secure payment system. Never wire money directly or pay with prepaid cash cards. Legitimate sellers will not ask you to pay outside of the Ackermans website or app. Using Ackermans’ payment methods helps ensure your financial information remains private and secure.

Check the return policy

Make sure you understand the seller’s return policy before buying. Look for a straightforward policy that allows returns within a reasonable timeframe if the item is not as described. Be very wary of “all sales final” policies. Reputable sellers will work with you if there are any issues. Ask the seller directly if you have any questions about returns.

Look for signs of a scam

Watch out for telltale signs of a scam like prices that seem too good to be true, urgent language trying to rush your purchase, or requests to pay by wire transfer or prepaid cash card. Legitimate sellers will not pressure you or ask you to pay in ways that avoid Ackermans’ payment systems. Trust your instincts—if something feels off, it probably is.

By following these tips, you can feel more confident shopping on Ackermans knowing you are taking appropriate precautions. Do your part, use common sense, and if anything raises red flags – move on. The vast majority of sellers are legitimate, but it only takes one bad experience to cause problems. Better safe than sorry. If we all remain vigilant, we can continue enjoying the convenience of shopping on peer-to-peer platforms with minimal issues.

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The Verdict: Is Ackermans Legit or Just Another Scam?

After reviewing Ackermans and analyzing numerous customer reviews, I have reached a verdict on whether it is a legitimate retail company or just another scam.

A Trusted South African Brand

Ackermans has been operating as a clothing and homewares retailer in South Africa for over 100 years. As an established brick-and-mortar company, Ackermans built up goodwill and trust within the community. They have over 400 physical store locations across South Africa, showing they are invested in the region and not just an online pop-up shop.

Affordable, Budget-Friendly Products

Ackermans specializes in affordable, budget-friendly clothing, accessories, and home decor aimed at lower-income households. They keep costs down through efficient operations and bulk purchases that are passed onto customers through lower prices. For those on a tight budget, Ackermans provides an opportunity to shop for necessities at a reasonable cost.

Mixed Reviews on Quality and Customer Service

While Ackermans offers affordable prices, some reviews note that the quality can be hit or miss. As with any budget retailer, some products may be cheaply made or not the most durable. However, many customers report that the quality is in line with what they expect for the low prices. Customer service also receives mixed reviews, with some reporting helpful experiences, while others struggled with returns or refund issues.

In summary, while Ackermans is not without its faults, it appears to be a legitimate company that has served South Africans for generations. For those on a budget, Ackermans provides an affordable option to purchase clothing and home essentials, especially for low-income households. However, go in with realistic expectations about product quality and customer service. As with any company, experiences can vary, but Ackermans aims to offer value and trustworthy service. Overall, Ackermans seems to be a reputable South African company, not an outright scam.


In summary, while some customers have reported negative experiences with Ackermans, my research suggests that for the most part, Ackermans operates as a legitimate retailer and is not an outright scam. As with any company, there is room for improvement in terms of customer service and product quality. However, based on the sheer volume of positive reviews and testimonials, as well as Ackermans’ longevity as a trusted South African brand, I believe they provide good value and service for the majority of their customers. For me, the preponderance of evidence shows that Ackermans is a reputable company focused on delivering affordable products to budget-conscious consumers. If approached with reasonable expectations, Ackermans appears to be a legitimate and worthwhile shopping option.

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