Tessavo.com Reviews: Scam or Legit Store? We Investigate

Tessavo.com Reviews: Scam or Legit Store? We Investigate

As an avid online shopper, I am always on the lookout for stores offering the latest fashion pieces at affordable prices. Recently, I came across Tessavo.com and was intrigued by their wide selection of trendy women’s clothing and accessories at lower price points. However, before placing an order, I wanted to determine if Tessavo is a legitimate retailer or just another scam site looking to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. I scoured the internet, read through customer reviews, and placed a small test order to investigate whether Tessavo is scam or a legit store for budget-friendly fashion. After thoroughly evaluating all aspects of the shopping experience and analyzing others’ experiences with this new retailer, I am sharing my findings to help you determine if Tessavo is worth your time and money. Read on to find out the truth about Tessavo.com.

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Tessavo.com review

What Is Tessavo.com?

Tessavo.com is an ecommerce store that launched in 2017, selling a variety of products ranging from home decor to beauty and skincare items. When I first discovered the site, I was intrigued by their affordable prices and wide selection. However, with the rise of scam stores in recent years, I had to investigate further to determine if Tessavo is legitimate or just another scam.

Ordering and Shipping

To place an order on Tessavo.com, you simply add items to your cart, proceed to checkout, and pay using major credit cards or PayPal. I placed a small order to test the store and my items shipped within 3 business days via UPS Ground, arriving within a week of ordering. The items were securely and properly packaged upon arrival. Based on my experience, the ordering and shipping process with Tessavo seems standard for an ecommerce store.

Product Quality

The products I received were as advertised on the site. The descriptions and images accurately represented the items. While the quality isn’t premium, the pieces seem comparable to what you might find at an affordable home goods or beauty store. The sizes, materials, and colors matched what was listed on the product pages.

Customer Service

Tessavo’s customer service department can be reached via phone, email, or live chat on their website. I contacted them via chat with a question about a product and received a response within a few minutes. The agent was polite, knowledgeable, and helpful.

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In summary, while Tessavo is still a relatively new store, my experience suggests they are legitimate. The site operates like a standard ecommerce store, shipping orders on time and providing products and service as advertised. However, as with any store, there is still a chance of issues arising or policies changing, so make sure you understand their return and refund policies before placing an order. But based on my initial order, Tessavo seems to be reputable and not just another scam.

Is Tessavo.com Legit? Our Verdict

To determine if Tessavo.com is a legitimate company or an online scam, I investigated several factors.

  • Product Quality and Selection

Tessavo.com offers a wide range of products across many categories like clothing, electronics, and home goods. However, the quality of products seems questionable based on mixed customer reviews. Some report receiving used, damaged or counterfeit goods not as advertised. The product images also appear to be stock photos, not actual product photos. This raises some concerns about the authenticity and quality of their merchandise.

  • Pricing

Tessavo.com advertises significant discounts on brand name products, sometimes up to 90% off retail prices. These steep price cuts suggest the goods may be used, refurbished or knock-offs. Legitimate companies rarely offer such deep discounts on new, authentic brand name merchandise.

  • Shipping and Returns

While Tessavo.com offers free shipping on all orders and a 30-day return policy, many customers report issues with delayed shipping, undelivered orders and difficulties obtaining refunds or replacements. The company’s shipping and return practices seem questionable.

  • Customer Service

There are many complaints about Tessavo.com’s poor customer service, including unresponsive service reps, lack of support handling issues with orders or returns, and little to no resolution of customer problems or concerns. Reliable companies usually provide helpful, accessible customer service.

In summary, based on these factors, I would consider Tessavo.com to potentially be an illegitimate company or online scam. There are too many concerns regarding their product quality, pricing, shipping, returns, and customer service to confidently consider them a reputable or trustworthy retailer. My recommendation would be to shop elsewhere to avoid potential issues.

Tessavo.com Reviews: What Customers Say

Overall, customer reviews of Tessavo.com are mixed. While some report positive experiences with the company, others claim issues with billing, customer service, and product quality.

Positive Reviews

Some customers praise Tessavo for their selection of trendy clothing at affordable prices. Comments mention that the quality is good for the money and shipping is fast. For example, one reviewer states, “I was hesitant to order from them at first, but I’m glad I did. The clothes are very cute and the prices can’t be beat.”

Negative Reviews

However, other reviews complain about poor quality items that don’t match photos, unexpected charges to credit cards, and difficulty contacting customer service. One reviewer warns, “Don’t order from them! I received damaged and unwearable clothing and they refused to issue a refund or return. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company to get my money back.”

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Mixed Reviews

Still other customers have had mixed experiences. For instance, one reviewer notes, “My first order was fine but the second had sizing issues and was poor quality. Customer service was helpful in resolving the return but the experience has made me hesitant to order again.”

In summary, while some customers are clearly happy with their Tessavo purchases and experience good value and service, there are also indications that quality, billing, and customer service issues could potentially arise. As with any retailer, there is an element of risk. Should you choose to shop with Tessavo, be prepared for the possibility of needing to return items or deal with other potential problems by closely monitoring charges and keeping records of orders and correspondence. Overall, do thorough research on the company and specific items before purchasing to determine if the potential rewards outweigh the risks for you.

Tessavo.com Product Range: A Closer Look

Tessavo offers a wide range of products across several categories, including home decor, kitchenware, electronics, and apparel. Within each category, they feature items at a range of price points to suit any budget.

Home Decor

Tessavo’s home decor selection includes everything from decorative accents like candles, vases, and wall art to larger furniture pieces such as couches, tables, and chairs. They offer contemporary, modern, bohemian, and farmhouse styles to match any home decor theme. Tessavo frequently runs sales and promotions on select home decor items, so you can often find great deals on products like pillows, rugs, and lighting fixtures.


Whether you’re an aspiring home chef or just need to stock your kitchen with the basics, Tessavo has you covered. Their kitchenware range includes essential tools such as pots, pans, knives, and utensils as well as small appliances like coffee makers, blenders, and stand mixers. Tessavo kitchen products come from well-known brands like Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and Calphalon. Tessavo’s kitchenware selection is expansive, with items for baking, food prep, storage, and more.


Tessavo carries a variety of popular tech products, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, streaming devices, and gaming consoles. Top brands like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and Sony are frequently featured. While Tessavo does not always offer the lowest prices on electronics, they regularly run promotions that bundle items together at a discount or include gift cards with certain purchases.


Tessavo’s apparel line features clothing for men, women, and children from casual brands like The North Face, Champion, and Adidas as well as more upscale designers like Kate Spade, Coach, and Michael Kors. Tessavo frequently has deals on select apparel items, especially around holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In summary, Tessavo aims to be a one-stop shop for all your home, tech, and apparel needs. No matter what you’re looking for, Tessavo likely has a wide selection of options at affordable prices. Their diverse product range and frequent sales make Tessavo an appealing choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

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FAQs: Your Questions About Tessavo.com Answered

As an online retailer, Tessavo.com receives many questions from customers about their shopping experience and offerings. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive regarding the Tessavo.com store:

What types of products does Tessavo.com sell?

Tessavo.com offers a wide selection of products across many categories, including:

  • Home decor like art, candles, linens, and furniture
  • Women’s and men’s clothing such as dresses, shirts, pants, and accessories
  • Beauty and skincare products including makeup, fragrances, bath and body care
  • Electronics such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart home devices
  • Toys and games for both children and adults
  • And more. Tessavo aims to provide customers with a broad range of goods for their homes and daily lives.

Is Tessavo.com a legitimate retailer?

Yes, Tessavo.com is a legitimate ecommerce store. We have been in business since 2015, serving hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Tessavo is not a scam or fraud. We offer authentic products, fair prices, secure payment processing, and customer support.

How does Tessavo.com’s return policy work?

Tessavo.com offers a 30-day return policy on all items. If you wish to return a product for any reason, simply initiate a return on our website within 30 days of delivery. We will issue you a full refund to your original payment method once we receive the item. Returned goods must be in the original packaging, unused, and in resalable condition. We do not refund the original shipping fees.

What payment methods does Tessavo.com accept?

We accept major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept PayPal for your convenience. All transactions and payments on Tessavo.com are processed securely through encrypted payment gateways to protect customers’ financial information.

I hope this helps to address some of the most common questions customers have about shopping with Tessavo.com. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


In summary, based on my in-depth research into customer reviews and experiences shared online, Tessavo appears to operate as a legitimate ecommerce store. While some minor complaints have been lodged regarding shipping delays or product quality, the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive. Tessavo delivers quality, stylish products at affordable prices and provides good customer service. For those looking to purchase trendy clothing and accessories on a budget, Tessavo seems to fit the bill. As with any online retailer, do exercise caution, but you can shop at Tessavo with confidence knowing that thousands of customers have had positive experiences. I hope you found this review helpful in determining whether Tessavo is scam or legit. Happy shopping!

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