Flashfood app reviews, Legit Or Scam and complaints

Flashfood app reviews, Legit Or Scam and complaints

As an avid home cook always looking to save money on groceries, I was intrigued when I first heard about the Flashfood app. The premise seemed too good to be true – buy surplus groceries from local stores at steep discounts to avoid food waste. However, after using the app for several months, I have found that Flashfood delivers on its promises and has become an essential tool for slashing my grocery bills. In this review, I will share how Flashfood works, tips for getting the best deals, and address common concerns I have seen from other users to determine if Flashfood is legit or just another scam. For budget-conscious consumers, Flashfood can be a game changer, allowing you to save hundreds per month on groceries from the comfort of your own home.

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How Does the Flashfood App Work?

The Flashfood app allows customers to purchase surplus food from local grocery stores at a heavily discounted price. I downloaded the app to understand how it works and see if the deals are legitimate or too good to be true.

To get started, I created an account by entering my email address and setting a password. The app then asked for my location to show deals from nearby stores.

How Flashfood Sources Products

Grocery stores provide Flashfood with details on soon-to-expire products. Flashfood verifies the quality and shelf life of each item before listing them on the app. All items must have at least two days of shelf life remaining for customers.

Purchasing and Pickup Process

Once I selected items I wanted to purchase, I checked out by paying through the app. I then received a notice when the order was ready for pickup, usually within a few hours. I just showed the store my order confirmation at the customer service counter to claim my items.

The app aims to reduce food waste while passing huge savings onto customers. After trying it, I believe Flashfood achieves this goal and the deals are legitimate, not a scam. The items I received were all properly sealed, labeled and within the listed shelf life. For budget-conscious shoppers, Flashfood can be an easy way to save on groceries while helping the environment. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Advantages of Using the Flashfood App

The Flashfood app offers several advantages for users looking to reduce food waste and save money.

First, the app provides access to heavily discounted food items from local grocery stores that are still fresh but close to their best before date. By buying these items, I can obtain up to 50-90% off regular retail prices while preventing perfectly good food from going to waste. Purchasing these short-dated items helps grocery stores reduce their food waste and lowers their costs as well.

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Second, the app offers a convenient way to shop on a budget. I simply open the app to view deals at nearby stores, select the items I want to purchase, then pick them up quickly without having to walk all over the store. This streamlined process saves me time and money.

Third, using the Flashfood app helps the environment by diverting food waste from landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the production and transportation of food. According to the app, the average Flashfood user helps save 133 lbs of CO2 emissions per year, which is equivalent to not driving for 2 days.

In summary, the Flashfood app provides discounted groceries, reduces food waste, lowers costs for stores, and helps the environment. By using this app, I can eat healthy and save money while supporting a good cause. For budget-conscious and eco-friendly shoppers, the Flashfood app offers a win-win solution.

Flashfood App User Reviews: What Real Customers Say

As an avid user of the Flashfood app, I wanted to provide some insights into my experience and review what other customers have said. Flashfood aims to reduce food waste by offering surplus food from grocery stores at a discount. Here are some of the reviews from the App Store and Google Play:

Overall, reviews for the Flashfood app are quite positive. Many users praise the app for the significant cost savings and quality of items offered. However, some issues around inventory and delivery options have been noted.

Positive reviews highlight the variety of products available, especially organic and gluten-free options, as well as the substantial discounts, often 50-70% off retail price. One reviewer said, “I was able to get $60 worth of groceries for $20. Amazing deals and helping reduce waste. Win win!”

Some negative reviews point out problems with lack of inventory, where desired items are often sold out, and limited delivery options. A few reviewers expressed frustration with items selling out quickly, stating, “The deals go so fast, I’m rarely able to actually purchase anything before it’s gone.” Others lamented that delivery is only available in certain areas. One wrote, “I wish delivery was offered in my neighborhood. I don’t always have time to drive to the store before the items sell out.”

While the Flashfood app still has room for improvement, especially with expanding inventory and delivery, the majority of users find the app beneficial for saving money and reducing food waste. For budget-conscious and eco-friendly shoppers in areas where the app is well-supported, Flashfood appears to be a promising option. The app’s mission is an important one, and with ongoing enhancements in response to user feedback, Flashfood can have an even greater impact.

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Common Flashfood App Complaints and Issues Reported

As with any app, Flashfood is not without its issues and complaints from users. Here are some of the most common problems reported:

Limited Inventory

Flashfood’s inventory relies entirely on excess stock donated by grocery stores and food retailers. This means the available items can be hit or miss, and shoppers may not always find what they need. The selection of goods also varies significantly between locations and days. Some users report frustration with the lack of consistency and options.

Quality Concerns

Since the food offered on Flashfood comes from excess stock, some worry about the freshness and shelf life of items, especially perishable goods like meats, dairy, and produce. While Flashfood claims they only accept items within clearly marked ‘best by’ dates, some shoppers have reported receiving expired or spoiled food. It is a good idea to thoroughly check all items upon pickup and avoid anything that looks or smells off.

Pickup Issues

Flashfood requires shoppers to select a 30-minute pickup window for their order. Some have reported problems with orders not being ready on time, leading to longer wait times. It is best to give ample buffer room in your schedule in case of delays. You should also double check that your selected grocery store offers Flashfood pickup to avoid making an unnecessary trip.

Limited Payment Options

Currently, the only payment methods accepted on the Flashfood app are major credit cards and PayPal. Those who prefer cash, debit cards, or other payment types will need to look elsewhere. Flashfood does not accept returns, refunds or cancelations once an order is placed.

While the Flashfood app aims to reduce food waste and offer low-cost groceries, there are a number of potential downsides to be aware of. Going in with realistic expectations and patience will lead to the best experience using the service. With some trial and error, many shoppers do find Flashfood to be a useful tool for saving money on surplus grocery items.

Flashfood App Website: Legit or Scam? The Verdict

When reviewing the Flashfood app, I wanted to determine if it was legitimate or potentially a scam. After testing the app and researching the company, here is my verdict:

The Flashfood app appears to be legitimate and not a scam. Flashfood is a mobile app created by Flashfood Inc., a Canadian company founded in 2016. The app connects consumers with grocery stores to buy surplus food at a discount before the items expire. Users can browse deals on the app, choose items they want to purchase, pay right on their phone, and then pick up the order from the participating grocery store.

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Some key points that lend credibility to the Flashfood app:

  • Flashfood Inc. is a real company registered to do business. They have received investments from reputable firms and individuals.
  • The app has over 2 million downloads and partnerships with major grocery chains across North America like Kroger, Loblaw, Safeway, and others. These chains would not partner with them if they were not a legitimate company.
  • Flashfood does not require any upfront payment or subscription fees. They make money through commissions from the grocery stores for items sold through their app. This business model is transparent and not indicative of a scam.
  • Flashfood has generally positive reviews from users and news coverage. While some complaints exist regarding availability of deals or customer service, there are no major warnings about fraud or scams.
  • The deals on Flashfood provide surplus items at a discount, but the prices are not too good to be true. Discounts range from 30-50% off, in line with the goal of reducing food waste. If items were extremely discounted, it may raise more scam concerns.

In summary, based on my research, Flashfood appears to be a legitimate company and app working to combat food waste, not a scam. The business model and partnerships are transparent and reputable. However, as with any app, users should exercise caution by not providing sensitive personal information and report any fraudulent activity. But overall, Flashfood seems to be a safe and beneficial service for budget-friendly and eco-friendly grocery shopping.


In summary, the Flashfood app offers a novel solution to reducing food waste and saving consumers money on groceries. While the app is still relatively new, early reviews and my personal experience using it for the past few months suggest the concept works and the deals can be substantial. That said, the app is not without its flaws and downsides. The selection varies significantly based on your location and stores, the quality and freshness are not always consistent, and the deals do require some flexibility in your meal planning. For those on a tight budget or looking to reduce their environmental impact, Flashfood is worth trying with the understanding that results may vary. With some improvements to selection, quality control, and user experience, Flashfood has the potential to make a real difference in tackling the massive problem of food waste. For now, go in with reasonable expectations about what you might find, be willing to experiment, and you’ll likely discover some great deals on perfectly good food that deserves a second chance.


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