Is BudgetAir Legit or Scam: BudgetAir Reviews

Is BudgetAir Legit or Scam: BudgetAir Reviews

As someone who enjoys traveling on a budget, I’m always on the lookout for cheap flights and deals to make my money go further. Recently, I came across BudgetAir, an online travel agency that promises low fares for flights all over the world. However, with so many questionable companies out there looking to take advantage of unsuspecting customers, I had to ask myself: is BudgetAir legit or just another scam? To find out, I dug into BudgetAir reviews, policies, and experiences from real customers. What I discovered may surprise you.

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Is BudgetAir Legit or Scam

What Is BudgetAir? An Overview of the Company

BudgetAir is an online travel agency founded in 2016 that specializes in finding cheap flights and the best travel deals for budget-conscious travelers.

How It Works

BudgetAir searches hundreds of airlines and travel sites to find affordable airfare for destinations around the world. Customers input their desired origin and destination cities as well as travel dates, and BudgetAir returns a list of the cheapest available flights that match the search criteria. Tickets can be purchased directly on BudgetAir’s website.

BudgetAir makes money through commissions from the airlines and travel companies whose flights they sell. This allows them to offer fares that are often lower than booking directly with the airlines. BudgetAir prides itself on passing the bulk of the savings onto customers.

Additional Services

In addition to cheap flights, BudgetAir offers customers the ability to book hotels, rental cars, cruises, and vacation packages at discounted rates. They also provide an optional travel insurance product for those wanting extra protection for their trip.

Is It Legit?

BudgetAir is a legitimate company and accredited with the Better Business Bureau, where they have earned an A+ rating. They are also a licensed and bonded travel agency. However, as with any third-party travel site, there is a small risk of issues arising with bookings. I would recommend double-checking all reservations directly with service providers before travel to avoid potential complications.

Overall, BudgetAir can be an excellent resource for finding affordable travel if you go in with realistic expectations about the types of deals and level of service to expect from a budget travel agency. For many, the rewards of cheap flights and vacations far outweigh the risks. With some flexibility and patience, BudgetAir opens up the opportunity for memorable trips that otherwise may not have been possible.

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How Does BudgetAir Work? The Booking Process Explained

As an avid budget traveler, I frequently use BudgetAir to find cheap flights for my trips. The booking process through their website is straightforward and hassle-free.

Searching for Flights

To start, enter your departure and arrival cities and dates of travel. BudgetAir searches fares from airlines all over the world, including major carriers as well as budget airlines. You’ll see the cheapest options at the top of the results, with the price, travel time, and number of stops clearly displayed for easy comparison.

Selecting and Booking Your Flight

Once you find a fare that suits your needs, select it to proceed to the booking page. Here you’ll enter personal information for the ticket as well as payment details to purchase your flight. BudgetAir accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Confirmation and Managing Your Booking

After booking, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your e-ticket or e-boarding pass. You can also view and manage details of your booking by logging in to your BudgetAir account. From there you can check in for your flight, select seats, add baggage, and make changes to or cancel your booking if needed.

Customer Service

BudgetAir provides customer service via phone, email and live chat on their website. I’ve contacted them a couple times with questions about my bookings and baggage allowances and found their service agents to be helpful and responsive. For a budget airline booking site, I’m impressed with the level of service and support they offer travelers.

Overall, I’ve found BudgetAir to be a legitimate and reliable platform for finding and booking cheap flights. By following their simple booking process, you too can save money on airfare for your next getaway. Let me know if you have any other questions!

BudgetAir Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

As an online travel agency, BudgetAir aims to offer cheap flights and the best deals on airfare for budget-conscious travelers. However, some customers have reported issues with the service that call into question whether BudgetAir is legit or a scam. Based on over 1,200 reviews on Trustpilot, here is what customers are saying about their experience booking with BudgetAir:

The majority of BudgetAir reviews are positive, with travelers appreciating the affordable fares and easy booking process. Most report receiving their e-tickets as promised and enjoying their trip without issue. As one reviewer put it, “Fantastic value for money. Very simple booking process and e-ticket received promptly. Would definitely use again.”

However, roughly 15% of reviews warn of frustrating experiences, unacceptable customer service, hidden fees, and even booking cancelations without notice. One disgruntled customer said, “Avoid at all costs. They canceled our flights without telling us and refused to refund us or help rebook alternative flights.” Several others reported unexpected baggage or booking fees added after purchasing or difficulty contacting customer service to resolve problems.

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Based on these mixed reviews, BudgetAir appears to be a legitimate travel agency for the most part. They do offer competitive prices on airfare and many customers travel happily without problems. However, there is a risk of poor customer service or unexpected issues, especially if any changes need to be made to your itinerary. My recommendation would be to proceed with caution. Compare fares with other sites to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Carefully check baggage policies and fees before booking. And allow extra time in case you encounter any difficulties contacting their customer support. If saving money is your priority and you have a flexible schedule, BudgetAir could still be worth trying – just be sure to manage your expectations.

Is BudgetAir Legit or a Scam? Assessing the Evidence

After reviewing BudgetAir and assessing various data points, I believe BudgetAir is likely a legitimate company and not an outright scam. However, some aspects of their business model and customer experiences warrant caution.

Pricing and Fare Types

BudgetAir offers competitive fares for budget air travel within Europe and North America. They advertise the lowest fares available and provide a price match guarantee. Their fare types include:

  • Basic: Cheapest fare with hand luggage only
  • Premium: Allows 1 checked bag and seat selection
  • Flexible: Fully refundable fare with 2 checked bags and seat selection

The pricing for these fares appears in line with major budget airlines, suggesting BudgetAir can deliver on low fares. However, some customers report issues with additional fees being charged after booking that significantly increased the total cost.

Customer Reviews

Online reviews of BudgetAir are mixed. Some customers report a smooth booking and travel experience with great value for money. However, other reviews mention issues with poor customer service, schedule changes and cancelations without notice or compensation, as well as trouble securing refunds. While some negative reviews are expected for any company, the volume of complaints regarding lack of communication and difficulty obtaining refunds is concerning.

Company Background

BudgetAir is an online travel agency founded in 2005. They are not an actual airline but a reseller of fares and tickets. Little information is available regarding BudgetAir’s ownership, operations or financial stability. For some travelers, the lack of transparency may be unsettling when booking travel.

In summary, BudgetAir seems to offer authentic low fares for budget travel. However, their business practices and customer experiences appear inconsistent, with a lack of clarity regarding their company profile. For price-conscious travelers willing to accept some risk, BudgetAir could still represent a good value. But for many consumers, the unknowns may outweigh the potential savings. My recommendation would be to proceed with caution if booking with BudgetAir.

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Tips for Booking Cheap Flights on BudgetAir

To find cheap flights on BudgetAir, here are a few tips I would recommend based on my experience:

Be flexible with your travel dates and times

The more flexible you can be with your schedule, the more likely you are to find an affordable fare. Try searching a range of dates around your target trip to see which days have the lowest fares. Also consider flying midweek or non-peak days like Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Red-eye or early morning flights are often cheaper as well.

Compare fares from different nearby airports

Don’t just search for flights from your closest airport. Fares can sometimes vary significantly between nearby airports, especially those within 60-90 minutes of your destination. It may be worth it to drive a bit farther to save money. Compare fares from at least 2-3 area airports for the best deal.

Look for BudgetAir promo codes and coupons

Before booking your flight, search online for current BudgetAir promo codes and coupons. You can often find 10-15% off coupons or promo codes for your first BudgetAir booking. Every dollar saved helps, so be sure to check for available discount codes to apply at checkout.

Consider bundling your flight with a hotel

If you’re booking a flight and hotel for your trip, consider bundling them together in a travel package on BudgetAir. Bundled rates are frequently cheaper than booking your flight and hotel separately. BudgetAir offers flight and hotel packages for destinations all over the world.

Sign up for fare alerts

On BudgetAir’s website or mobile app, you can sign up to receive fare alerts for your desired flights. BudgetAir will email you when fares for those flights drop so you can book at the lower rate. Fare alerts take the guesswork out of deciding when is the best time to buy and help ensure you get the cheapest fare possible for your flight.

Following these useful tips and tricks will increase your chances of finding an affordable fare for your next getaway on BudgetAir. With some flexibility and patience, you can uncover great deals on flights and save money on your travel budget.


In summary, BudgetAir appears to be a legitimate company. They offer competitive airfares that can save travelers a significant amount of money. While their business model means lower prices, it also means fewer frills and less flexibility. As with any budget airline, do your research, read the fine print, and go in with the proper mindset. If saving money is your top priority and you can pack light while navigating their rules, BudgetAir deserves your consideration for your next trip. For the budget-conscious traveler looking to get from point A to point B at the lowest fare, BudgetAir delivers on their promise of affordable air travel.

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