AnyVan Reviews: Is AnyVan Legit or Just Another Moving Scam?

AnyVan Reviews: Is AnyVan Legit or Just Another Moving Scam?

As someone who has moved more times than I can count, finding a reputable and affordable moving company has always been a challenge. The moving industry is rife with scams and predatory practices that take advantage of those in need of relocation services. When I first heard about AnyVan, a tech-enabled moving marketplace, I was intrigued but also skeptical. Could this disruptive startup provide real value to customers with transparent pricing, vetted movers, and efficient service? Or was AnyVan just another moving scam poised to make empty promises and then disappear with my money? I decided to put AnyVan to the test with my latest move to find out if they are legit or not. Here is my honest review and experience using AnyVan for a long-distance move.

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AnyVan Reviews

How Does AnyVan Work? Understanding the AnyVan Moving Process

As the founder and CEO of AnyVan, I want to provide a clear understanding of how our nationwide moving service works. AnyVan is not a moving scam or broker. We are a licensed interstate mover that provides door-to-door service using our own fleet of branded vehicles and professional movers.

How the AnyVan Process Works

To get started, you simply request a free quote on our website or call one of our moving experts. We will schedule a video survey to assess the items you need to move so we can provide an exact price. Once you book your move, we handle the entire process from start to finish.

  1. On moving day, our uniformed movers arrive at your location with all necessary equipment – dollies, blankets, straps, and a 28-foot moving van.
  2. We pack and load all of your belongings, securing everything to prevent shifting during transit.
  3. We transport your items directly to your new home using our own long-haul moving vans. There are no stops at warehouses or transfers to different trucks. Your belongings stay together on one truck the entire way.
  4. Upon arrival at your destination, we unload and unpack your entire shipment, placing items in the rooms you designate. We can also reassemble furniture we dismantled.
  5. Optional add-on services include packing and unpacking, temporary storage, and debris removal.

AnyVan aims to provide a stress-free relocation at an affordable price. We oversee your entire move from pickup to delivery, so you can rest assured your belongings are in good hands. Please let me know if you have any other questions about how AnyVan operates or the moving services we provide.

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AnyVan Tracking: Monitoring Your Move in Real-Time

As the owner of a moving company, I understand how stressful relocating can be. Our customers want to know where their belongings are at all times and that they will arrive safely at their new home. That is why we developed AnyVan Tracking, a system that provides real-time updates on your move’s progress and location.

How AnyVan Tracking Works

AnyVan Tracking uses GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of your moving van at any given time during your move. You will receive updates via text message directly to your phone with details on your items’ whereabouts. There are no apps to download or accounts to create. Simply provide your mobile number when booking your move, and we will send you updates throughout your relocation experience.

Some of the details you can expect to receive include:

  • When your moving van departs from our warehouse
  • Estimated time of arrival at your pickup location
  • When your belongings have been loaded and your van is en route to your new home
  • Any stops, like for fuel or meals, along the drive
  • Estimated time of arrival at your final destination so you know exactly when to expect your delivery

With AnyVan Tracking providing real-time data on your move’s progress, you’ll feel at ease knowing your valuables are accounted for every mile of the journey. Our innovative technology, combined with our professional moving services, gives you an efficient and stress-free relocation experience.

AnyVan Reviews: What Customers Have to Say About the Service

Overall, AnyVan receives positive reviews from customers who have used their moving services. Here are some of the common sentiments expressed in AnyVan reviews:

Reliable and Efficient

Many reviews note that AnyVan provided timely, dependable service. As one customer put it, “The movers arrived on schedule and worked efficiently the entire time. They handled all of our belongings with care and made sure everything was secured properly in the van for transport.” The tracking feature also provides reassurance, allowing customers to see the location and status of their shipment in real-time.

Professional and Courteous

Customers frequently comment on the professionalism of AnyVan movers. “The crew that helped us was extremely polite, courteous and took great care with all of our belongings. They wrapped and packed everything carefully for safe transport,” said one reviewer. The movers are also adept at navigating tight spaces and maneuvering large items. “They didn’t damage any walls or doors in our home,” noted another customer.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

For many, AnyVan offers an affordable moving solution. “The prices were very reasonable compared to other moving companies I considered,” commented one reviewer. AnyVan’s website also provides an instant price quote calculator so customers know exactly what to expect to pay before booking. Some mention that the final price was actually less than the initial quote.

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In summary, while no company is perfect, the majority of AnyVan reviews tell a very positive story. By offering professional, efficient and affordable moving services, AnyVan strives to take the stress out of what is typically a very stressful life event. For many customers, they seem to achieve that goal and deliver a satisfying experience.

Is AnyVan Legit? Assessing AnyVan’s Reputation and Reliability

When determining if AnyVan is a legitimate and reliable moving service, there are several factors I considered.

Customer Reviews

AnyVan has over 4,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The majority of reviews praise AnyVan for providing a fast, efficient, and affordable moving service. However, some negative reviews mention issues with lost or damaged items, lack of communication, or hidden fees. As with any service, there will be some unsatisfied customers, so look for overall trends in the reviews. Based on the largely positive feedback, AnyVan appears to provide a legitimate service for most customers.

Services Offered

AnyVan offers a range of moving services to suit different needs, from small moves within a city to large interstate moves. They provide packing materials and can pack and unpack if requested. AnyVan handles both residential and commercial moves. The variety and flexibility of services indicates AnyVan is set up to properly assist customers with legitimate moves.


AnyVan aims to provide an affordable moving option. They do not charge for travel time to and from jobs, and they do not have hidden or surprise fees. All costs are provided up front based on the details of your specific move. While not the absolute lowest cost option, AnyVan’s pricing seems fair and transparent according to customer reviews. Reasonable, clear pricing suggests AnyVan operates a legitimate business.


AnyVan is an accredited business with the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), indicating they meet certain standards for professionalism, training, insurance, and customer service. Accreditation from an industry body helps to validate AnyVan as a legitimate and reputable moving company.

In summary, based on analysis of customer reviews, services, costs, and accreditation, AnyVan appears to be a legitimate and reliable moving company for most purposes. As with any service, do thorough research to determine if they meet your specific needs. But you can book with confidence knowing they aim to provide an accredited, affordable moving experience for their customers.

AnyVan vs Traditional Movers: Weighing the Pros and Cons

As a professional mover, I’ve had plenty of experience with various moving companies and services. AnyVan presents an interesting alternative to traditional movers that seems appealing on the surface but has some significant drawbacks to consider.

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One of AnyVan’s biggest selling points is its lower costs compared to most traditional movers. By tapping into a network of independent contractors with vans and trucks, AnyVan is able to provide moving services at a lower price point. For those on a tight budget or moving a small load, the cost savings could be substantial. However, you typically get what you pay for. AnyVan’s lower prices mean a higher likelihood of damaged goods or a less professional moving experience. For larger, more complex moves, the cost difference may be negligible.


AnyVan’s model relies on independent contractors, so there is a higher degree of uncertainty. The specific movers scheduled for your move could cancel at the last minute, leaving you in a lurch. There is also a higher chance of items getting lost or left behind. Traditional movers with employees and a long history tend to be more reliable and accountable. They are also properly licensed and insured, so any issues or damages will be properly addressed. With AnyVan, you have little recourse if anything goes wrong.


Traditional moving companies have years or even decades of experience moving all types of loads in various conditions. Their movers are professionals trained in properly packing, loading, and transporting belongings with minimal damage. AnyVan’s contractors, on the other hand, have unknown levels of skill and experience. They could be highly competent or completely inexperienced. For a large or complex move, experience matters.

In summary, while AnyVan’s lower costs and simpler model are appealing, for many moves the pros of a professional moving company outweigh the cons. For high-value or irreplaceable items, the risks of damage or loss are simply too great. For tight budgets or small loads, however, AnyVan could save you a bundle. Evaluate your specific needs and priorities to determine if AnyVan’s pros outweigh the cons in your situation.


In summary, after reviewing the pros and cons of AnyVan based on my research and analysis, I would recommend them for small to mid-size moves where price and convenience are priorities. For large, complex moves, I would suggest going with a more traditional full-service mover to ensure the best service and care for your belongings. Overall, while not perfect, AnyVan offers a unique solution for budget-friendly moving and delivery needs. For many people, the savings in both time and money will outweigh some of the potential downsides. As with any service, be sure to read reviews from other customers, understand how their model works, and go in with realistic expectations about what they can provide for the price. If you do that, AnyVan could be a great option for your next move or delivery requirement.

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