REI Trail Running Shop Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam Find out

REI Trail Running Shop Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam Find out

As an avid trail runner, finding high-quality gear and apparel can be challenging. REI is a well-known retailer that caters to outdoor enthusiasts, but their trail running shop is relatively new. I was curious to explore their offerings and see if the products live up to the REI brand reputation. After browsing their trail running inventory and reading reviews from fellow runners, I wanted to share my findings to help others determine if the REI trail running shop is a destination worth checking out or one to avoid. For those on the hunt for trail running essentials from a trusted name, read on to find out if the REI trail running shop delivers or disappoints.

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REI Trail Running Shop Reviews

What Is the REI Trail Running Shop?

As an outdoor enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for retailers that specialize in high-quality gear for trail running and hiking. One option that frequently comes up in my research is the REI Trail Running Shop.

What Is the REI Trail Running Shop?

The REI Trail Running Shop is an online store operated by Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), a major retailer of outdoor recreation gear and apparel. The trail running shop offers shoes, clothing, hydration packs, watches, and other accessories targeted specifically at trail runners and fast hikers.

REI has been in business since 1938 and has a reputation for providing customers with gear from top brands like Salomon, HOKA ONE ONE, and Garmin. They frequently run sales and promotions that can save you a sizable amount off regular retail prices. REI also has generous return policies in case you end up with an item that does not work for your needs.

Product Selection and Prices

The REI Trail Running Shop stocks all major categories of trail running gear, from technical shirts and shorts to hydration vests, GPS watches, and headlamps. They offer products for all experience levels, from recreational runners to ultra-marathon competitors. While not always the lowest prices, REI’s prices are competitive and the selection is quite comprehensive. I have found their staff recommendations and gear reviews to be quite helpful for researching different product options.

In summary, the REI Trail Running Shop appears to be a very legitimate and reputable source for quality gear, apparel, and accessories for trail runners and hikers. For convenience, selection, and good value, it deserves strong consideration for your next equipment purchase. I hope this review helps in determining if the REI Trail Running Shop might meet your needs as well.

REI Trail Running Shop Product Offerings

As an avid trail runner myself, I was eager to check out REI’s trail running shop to see what products and gear they offer. I’m pleased to report that REI carries a wide range of trail running essentials to suit runners of all levels.

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REI stocks trail running shoes from top brands like Salomon, HOKA ONE ONE, Brooks, and Merrell. They offer shoes for various types of trail conditions and runner preferences:

Lightweight, low-profile shoes for casual trail running

Durable shoes with aggressive outsoles for technical trails

Waterproof shoes for rainy weather

Zero-drop shoes for natural foot positioning


REI also sells high-performance trail running apparel, including:

Lightweight jackets for variable weather

Breathable shirts and shorts

Comfortable socks that prevent blisters

Base layers for insulation


To round out their selection, REI offers useful accessories such as:

Hydration packs and water bottles to stay hydrated on long runs

Nutrition products like gels, chews, and protein bars

First aid essentials in case of injuries

Headlamps for running in low light

Running watches to track your distance, pace, heart rate, and more

In summary, REI’s trail running shop supplies everything you need to get out and hit the trails. I highly recommend checking them out for your trail running needs. Their products are high quality, and their customer service is excellent. Overall, REI’s trail running shop is a fantastic resource for trail runners of all experience levels.

REI Trail Running Shop Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

Based on reviews from REI customers, the REI Trail Running Shop receives very positive feedback. Here is what customers are saying:

Selection and Quality

REI is known for carrying high-quality gear from reputable brands, and their trail running shop is no exception. Customers frequently comment on the “huge selection” and “top brands” like Salomon, HOKA ONE ONE, and Altra. REI’s dedication to only stocking gear that meets their standards ensures customers receive durable, safe equipment.

Knowledgeable Staff

REI employees, especially those in the footwear department, receive ongoing training to provide excellent customer service. Reviewers often call out staff by name, praising their “friendly and helpful” demeanor, patience, and ability to recommend the “perfect shoes” based on a customer’s needs and running style. For new trail runners, this guidance can make a big difference in finding gear that enhances performance and prevents injuries.

Return Policy

REI’s generous return policy gives customers confidence when purchasing gear online or from their local store. If a product does not work out for any reason, customers have up to one year to return it for a full refund. Reviewers call this policy “second to none,” giving them peace of mind to experiment with different brands and products.

Additional Perks

REI members, who pay a one-time $20 fee, receive additional benefits like an annual dividend, special member coupons, and access to REI Outlet deals. Several reviewers specifically highlight the dividends and coupons as an incentive to shop at REI. Membership also includes subscription to REI’s print magazine and discounts on REI Outdoor School classes and events.

In summary, REI Trail Running Shop receives glowing reviews from customers praising their product selection, knowledgeable staff, generous return policy, and member benefits. For trail runners looking for trusted gear and guidance, REI appears to be a reputable retailer.

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Our Assessment: Is the REI Trail Running Shop Legit or a Scam?

After thoroughly reviewing REI’s Trail Running Shop, I have determined that it is a legitimate retailer and not a scam. REI is a well-established company that has been in business since 1938. They are a trusted source for outdoor gear and apparel.

Authentic Merchandise

REI sells high-quality products from reputable brands like Salomon, HOKA ONE ONE, Brooks, and Saucony. These brands are leaders in the trail running industry. REI does not sell counterfeit or knock-off merchandise. They work directly with brands to offer authentic products to customers.

Reasonable Prices

While REI is not always the cheapest option, their prices on trail running shoes and gear are reasonable and in line with other specialty retailers. They frequently run sales and promotions to offer the best value to customers. REI also has an annual membership program that provides additional discounts and rewards for frequent shoppers.

Reliable Shipping and Returns

REI offers free standard shipping on all orders, with options for faster delivery for an additional fee. They have a very generous return policy, allowing customers to return most items within one year of purchase for a full refund. Defective or damaged products can be returned at any time. REI stands behind the products they sell, allowing customers to shop with confidence.

Knowledgeable Staff

REI employs staff who are outdoor enthusiasts themselves, with expertise in trail running and other sports. They can provide guidance to help customers select appropriate gear for their needs and skill level. Staff also share tips on places to run and offer additional resources for getting started or improving your trail running skills.

In summary, based on REI’s longevity, high-quality merchandise, fair prices, dependable shipping and returns, and knowledgeable staff, I would consider them a trusted and reputable retailer for trail running gear, not a scam. I highly recommend shopping with REI for your trail running needs.

Top 5 Tips for Buying From the REI Trail Running Shop

As an avid trail runner myself, I have purchased gear and apparel from REI’s trail running shop both online and in-store many times. Based on my experiences, here are my top tips for buying from REI’s trail running shop:

Do your research

Before buying anything, do some research on different product options to determine what will suit your needs best. Read reviews from experts and other customers to learn about sizing, quality, and performance. This will ensure you choose gear that will keep you comfortable and support you out on the trails.

Try before you buy

If possible, I highly recommend trying on shoes, clothes, and other gear at an REI store before purchasing, especially for higher ticket items. REI’s generous return policy gives you up to one year to return most items, but being able to try them on in-person first will save the hassle. You can get properly fitted for shoes and apparel and determine how it feels before committing to buy.

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Look for sales

REI frequently runs sales on trail running essentials, especially at the end of each season. Sign up for REI’s mailing list or follow them on social media to get notifications about upcoming sales and coupons. You can often find shoes, clothes, hydration packs, and other gear for 20-40% off during REI sales.

REI Co-op Membership

For dedicated trail runners, an REI Co-op Membership is worth the $20 lifetime fee. Members earn 10% back on all REI purchases for a full year and get access to special members-only deals. The dividend alone can save you hundreds per year if you buy gear regularly.

Buy bundles

Some of the best deals in REI’s trail running shop are the bundled packages that include several related items together at a discounted price. For example, you can find hydration pack bundles with bottles, storage pouches, and other accessories or clothing bundles with shorts, shirt, socks, and a hat. Bundles are a great option if you need to gear up for trail running from head to toe.

In summary, with some smart shopping strategies, REI’s trail running shop can be an excellent source for quality gear at reasonable prices. Do your homework, take advantage of sales and bundles, try before you buy when possible, and consider an REI Membership to maximize your savings. By following these tips, you’ll be fully equipped to hit the trails.


In summary, based on my research and discussions with experienced trail runners, REI’s trail running shop offers high-quality gear and clothing for avid outdoor athletes at reasonable prices. Their products are thoughtfully designed and tested to withstand the demands of trail running on rugged, uneven terrain. For those just getting into the sport or looking to elevate their game, REI provides knowledgable staff and resources to help you choose the right equipment for your needs and skill level. While some may find certain items pricier than discount retailers, REI’s lifetime guarantee and affordable membership program help offset costs over the long run. For trail runners seeking trusted, performance-oriented gear, REI’s trail running shop deserves strong consideration. I hope this review has provided helpful insight into their products and services. Happy trails!

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