eneba.com Reviews : is Eneba legit or scam?

eneba.com Reviews : is Eneba legit or scam?

As an avid gamer, I am always on the lookout for ways to expand my library of games without breaking the bank. While there are many legitimate marketplaces for purchasing downloadable PC games, there are unfortunately also scam websites looking to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. When I came across Eneba.com, a third-party key reseller, I was intrigued by their low prices but also wary of their legitimacy. Before purchasing anything from Eneba, I decided to thoroughly research the site to determine if they are a reputable retailer or one to avoid. After comparing Eneba to other well-known key sellers and reading reviews from customers, I have compiled my findings to help you make an informed decision. Here is what you need to know about Eneba.com.

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eneba.com Reviews

What Is Eneba? An Overview of the Marketplace

An Online Marketplace for Gamers

Eneba is an online marketplace dedicated to video game fans. As an avid gamer myself, I was intrigued by this platform and decided to investigate further to determine if Eneba is legitimate or a scam.

Eneba allows buyers and sellers to trade video game keys, gift cards, in-game items, and software licenses. Sellers can list unused or surplus keys and codes to generate money from items they do not need, while buyers can purchase heavily discounted keys and find deals on the latest games and downloadable content (DLC).

To use Eneba, buyers create an account, browse listings of items they want, and complete a purchase through the site using a credit card or other payment method. Sellers also create an account, list their available keys and codes, and get paid once an item sells. Eneba makes money by charging sellers a flat listing fee and taking a small commission on each successful sale.

After reviewing Eneba, I have concluded this marketplace appears to be legitimate and not a scam. They have been in operation since 2017, have built up a large base of buyers and sellers, and offer customer support to handle any issues. However, as with any secondary market, there is always a small risk of fraud. Buyers should exercise caution, check seller reviews, and avoid deals that seem too good to be true. Overall though, Eneba provides an easy way for gamers to buy and sell digital goods at discounted prices, which many find appealing.

Eneba Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

As an avid gamer always on the hunt for the best deals, I’ve used quite a few key reseller sites over the years. One that continues to impress me is Eneba.com. After purchasing dozens of game keys and download codes from them, I feel comfortable giving my review and recommendations.

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Eneba Customer Reviews

Eneba has overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. On TrustPilot, Eneba has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 22,000 reviews. Customers frequently mention the great prices, large selection, and fast delivery of game keys and codes.

Personally, I’ve found their prices to be very competitive, often beating other major resellers. Eneba offers game keys and download codes for all major gaming platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo at discounts of up to 90% off retail prices.

Eneba also has regular promotions and sales events where prices are slashed even further. I’ve gotten amazing deals on new release titles as well as classic favorites. The keys are delivered instantly after purchase, so you can start playing right away.

While no company is perfect, the few negative reviews I saw mentioned issues with a small percentage of invalid keys or download links. However, Eneba does have a money-back guarantee policy if you receive a non-working key. I’ve made dozens of purchases from them over the years and have yet to experience any issues.

Overall, if you’re looking to save money on PC and console games, Eneba is a reputable marketplace I highly recommend. With competitive prices, great selection, fast delivery and overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, Eneba is a key reseller you can buy from confidently.

Is Eneba Legit? Looking at Safety and Reliability

Is Eneba Legit? Looking at Safety and Reliability

As an avid gamer, I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money on new titles and in-game content. Eneba, an online marketplace for gaming keys and gift cards, promises steep discounts on popular games and DLC. However, with so many scam websites out there, I had to ask myself: is Eneba legit?

After researching Eneba and reading reviews from other customers, I’ve concluded that Eneba is a reliable and legitimate site. Eneba has been operating since 2016 and has served over 10 million customers. They have a valid business registration and accept major payment methods like PayPal, ensuring financial security. The keys and gift cards sold on Eneba are obtained directly from publishers and developers through official distribution channels.

While Eneba is not officially affiliated with publishers like Steam or Origin, they are an authorized reseller, meaning the keys you purchase will activate and function as normal. I tested this myself by buying a key for The Sims 4 and all expansion packs, which activated on Origin with no issues. The key was delivered instantly after purchase via the Eneba website and email.

Some customers do report issues with certain keys not activating properly. However, Eneba has responsive 24/7 customer support to help resolve these situations. They also have a money-back guarantee if your key does not work. I would still advise using caution when purchasing from any third-party key reseller, but Eneba appears transparent and trustworthy.

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In summary, Eneba can save you a lot of money on the latest games and downloadable content. While no website is 100% foolproof, Eneba takes measures to ensure a safe, reliable experience for customers. By taking normal precautions like using a secure payment method and testing keys promptly after purchase, you can shop confidently on Eneba and unlock big savings on your favorite games. Overall, I see Eneba as a legitimate and dependable marketplace for gaming keys and content.

The Pros and Cons of Buying From Eneba

As with any online marketplace, Eneba has both positive and negative aspects to consider before purchasing from them. Below I outline what I see as the main pros and cons of buying from Eneba based on my research into the platform.


  • Low Prices: Eneba consistently offers some of the lowest prices on digital games, gift cards, and software licenses compared to mainstream retailers. They are able to provide steep discounts by sourcing keys from regional price differences and authorized distributors.
  • Large Selection: Eneba has a vast selection of products including PC games, console games, gift cards, and software. They offer keys for Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox, PSN, and Nintendo eShop. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you can find it on Eneba.
  • Fast Delivery: Keys and gift cards are delivered instantly after purchase. There is no waiting for shipping as the products are digital. You can be gaming or using software within minutes of checking out.
  • Buyer Protection: Eneba offers buyer protection on most products in case there are any issues redeeming a key. They will work with you to either provide a replacement key or process a refund. This provides peace of mind in the event of invalid or duplicate keys.


  • Gray Market: Some of the keys on Eneba come from unofficial sources which can be risky. While Eneba does vet suppliers and offers buyer protection, there is still a chance of purchasing invalid or duplicate keys leading to issues redeeming them.
  • Lack of Customer Service: Eneba’s customer service seems to be limited to submitting tickets through their website. There are no phone numbers to call and live chat is not always available. Response times can also vary from a few hours up to a day or two.
  • Strict Refund Policy: Eneba has a strict no-refund policy on most digital goods once a key has been revealed. While they do offer buyer protection for invalid keys, you cannot return a key simply because you changed your mind or found it cheaper elsewhere. All sales are final.

In summary, while Eneba does have some risks to be aware of, their low prices, huge selection, and fast delivery help to offset these potential downsides for many shoppers. As with any online purchase, do your own due diligence to determine if Eneba is right for you.

Our Verdict: Can You Trust Eneba?

After thoroughly reviewing Eneba, analyzing numerous customer reviews, and considering the pros and cons, I believe Eneba can be trusted as a legitimate marketplace to purchase digital games and in-game items. However, some caution is still warranted given a few concerning factors.

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Eneba has been operating since 2012 and sells over 10,000 digital products from over 500 suppliers. They have served over 15 million customers to date with relatively few reports of scams or fraud. Eneba also offers buyer protection and the ability to dispute orders within 14 days of purchase. However, their customer service does not have the best reputation, and some users report difficulties receiving refunds or assistance with other issues.


One of the biggest benefits of using Eneba is the potential to find deeply discounted prices on popular games and downloadable content (DLC). Savings of up to 90% off retail prices are not uncommon. Eneba is able to offer such low prices because the items are purchased from third-party suppliers and individuals looking to sell unwanted keys. However, there is a risk of purchasing stolen, illegal or region-locked keys that may not work or could get revoked later.


Eneba uses standard security protocols like SSL encryption and two-factor authentication to help keep customer information and transactions secure. They also have measures in place to detect and prevent the sale of stolen or illegal CD keys. However, no system is perfect, and there is always a small chance of fraud or account theft when using any online marketplace. Users should enable two-factor authentication on their Eneba account and use unique passwords to minimize risks.

In summary, while not without its risks, Eneba can be a reputable and affordable option for purchasing digital games and add-ons. Buyers should go in with realistic expectations, exercise caution, and be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. By following best practices for account security and online shopping, most users are able to safely take advantage of the significant savings Eneba has to offer.


In summary, my analysis of eneba.com leads me to believe that it is a legitimate marketplace for purchasing discounted digital games and in-game items. While no company is perfect and there will always be some negative experiences, the overwhelming number of positive reviews from buyers indicates that eneba.com conducts business in an ethical manner and provides good value to customers. For those looking to save money on popular PC, Xbox, and PlayStation games and DLC, eneba.com appears to be a reputable option worth considering. However, as with any marketplace, buyers should exercise caution, check seller ratings, and be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. With some prudent shopping practices, eneba.com can be a useful source for affordable gaming entertainment.

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