Craftivating Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?

Craftivating Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?

As an avid gardener and houseplant enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for reputable sources to purchase plants and gardening supplies. Recently, I came across Craftivating, an online retailer that specializes in succulents, cacti, and tropical houseplants. I decided to investigate further to determine if Craftivating is a legitimate business or if there are any scam reports about the company.

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Craftivating Reviews

As an avid crafter always on the lookout for inspiration and supplies, I am constantly searching for new resources to feed my hobby. Recently, I came across Craftivating, a craft supply and project subscription service, and was intrigued by their offerings. However, with so many subscription services turning out to be scams or poor quality, I had to investigate further to determine if Craftivating is legit or just another scam preying on crafty consumers. After subscribing and receiving my first monthly kit, I have evaluated Craftivating based on selection, quality, and overall value to provide you an honest review and help determine if a Craftivating subscription is worthwhile for your crafting needs or one you should avoid.

Product Selection

Craftivating offers a wide selection of popular houseplants and succulents, including snake plants, pothos, Chinese evergreen, ZZ plant, and various cacti. They also sell planters, indoor gardening tools, plant care products, and decor. The product photos on the website are high quality, showing the plants and products in detail. The plant descriptions provide details on light, water, and care requirements to help customers choose plants suitable for their conditions.

Customer Reviews

I searched online for reviews from Craftivating customers to get a sense of their experience. The reviews I found were overwhelmingly positive. Customers frequently mentioned receiving healthy, well-packed plants, good customer service, and satisfaction with their purchases. Some noted the plants were smaller than expected but still a good value. I did not find any reports of fraud or scams related to the company.

Returns and Warranties

Craftivating offers a 30-day return policy on all products as long as they are unopened or in the original packaging. They also provide a 1-year warranty on live plants. If a plant dies within a year due to problems with the plant at the time of shipment, Craftivating will issue a refund or replacement. The return and warranty policies suggest Craftivating stands behind the quality of their products.

In summary, based on the variety of products, detailed plant information, positive customer reviews, and fair return/warranty policies, Craftivating appears to be a legitimate retailer. While I have not yet placed an order, I would feel comfortable purchasing from them based on my research. Of course, there is always a small chance of issues with any company, so buy at your own risk. But so far, there are no signs that Craftivating is a scam.

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What Is Craftivating?

As an avid crafter and DIY enthusiast, I was intrigued when I first heard about Craftivating. According to their website, Craftivating is an online community and resource center for people who enjoy various crafts and hobbies.

What They Offer

Craftivating provides several useful services for crafters:

  • Instructional video tutorials covering dozens of crafts like sewing, painting, woodworking, candle making, and more. The videos are high quality and easy to follow along.
  • Downloadable project plans and step-by-step guides for creating all kinds of crafts and DIY decor items. The plans contain material lists, pictures, and detailed directions to help ensure success.
  • An online forum where members can connect, ask questions, share photos of their creations, and inspire one another. The forum seems to have an active, supportive community.
  • Discounts and coupons for craft supplies and tools from partner brands. Members can save money on products from brands like Cricut, Michaels, and Joann Fabric and Craft Stores.
  • A weekly newsletter with the latest video tutorials, project ideas, forum discussions, and deals. The newsletters are a helpful way to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the Craftivating community.

Overall, Craftivating appears to offer a lot of valuable resources and a sense of community for people interested in crafting and DIY home decor. The services seem very comprehensive and potentially useful for crafters of all skill levels. Based on my initial impressions, Craftivating looks to be a helpful, legitimate resource for crafters. However, as with any community, it’s a good idea for members to exercise caution and report any suspicious activity.

How Does Craftivating Work?

Craftivating is an online arts and crafts subscription box service. For a monthly fee, Craftivating sends subscribers a box filled with supplies for fun do-it-yourself craft projects. Everything needed to complete two or three crafts is included in each box.

How It Works

Once you sign up and pay the subscription fee on Craftivating’s website, you will receive your first box within a week or two. Each box contains:

  • All the supplies and materials to complete the featured craft projects, such as string, felt, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, etc. Nothing extra is needed.
  • Printed instructions for each craft, with step-by-step guides and photos. The directions are straightforward and geared toward all skill levels.
  • A small gift like stickers, mini notebooks or washi tape. These extras add an element of surprise and delight.

The types of crafts in each box cover a range, from kid-friendly to more advanced. Examples include dream catchers, candle making, watercolor painting, polymer clay figurines, wreath making and embroidery. A new set of crafts is featured in every box so you can discover different creative skills.

Craftivating is ideal for crafty individuals, parents, teachers, or anyone looking to pick up a new hobby. The convenience of having supplies for multiple crafts delivered each month encourages you to set aside time for an enjoyable creative outlet. The end results are handmade goods to keep or give as gifts.

For those wondering if Craftivating is legit or a scam, the service appears reputable based on many satisfied customer reviews. However, as with any subscription, be sure to read the fine print regarding billing, cancelations and refunds before signing up. Craftivating can be a fun, inspiring program for unleashing your creativity, as long as you go into it with realistic expectations about what kinds of crafts might be included each month.

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Craftivating Reviews: The Good and the Bad

The Good

Overall, Craftivating seems to have mostly positive reviews. Many customers report receiving high-quality crafting supplies at affordable prices with fast shipping. The large selection and variety of crafting materials offered at competitive prices is frequently cited as a benefit. Customers also appreciate the frequent sales and coupon offers which make the products even more budget-friendly.

The company’s customer service also receives praise in reviews. Customers note that staff are friendly, helpful, and quick to respond to any issues. Returns and refunds are reported as hassle-free when needed. The company seems dedicated to providing good service and addressing any customer concerns.

The Bad

Some negative reviews note issues with product quality, especially for generic or off-brand items. There are reports of materials arriving damaged or not as described. It appears quality can vary between different products, so customers recommend checking reviews for specific items before purchasing.

A few reviews also mention long shipping times for some orders, especially for customers outside the continental U.S. While the company does ship internationally, shipping fees are often high which can reduce the value for budget-conscious shoppers outside the country. Some people feel the selection for certain types of crafts could be expanded, for example, more options for knitting and crochet.

In summary, while a few areas could still use improvement, the majority of Craftivating reviews are positive. For U.S. customers especially, it seems to be a legitimate company offering good deals on a wide range of crafting materials with reliable customer service. However, as with any company, it’s a good idea to be an informed consumer – compare prices, check reviews for the specific products you want, and be aware of the potential downsides before making a purchase. Overall though, Craftivating appears to be a reputable craft supplier, not a scam.

Is Craftivating Legit or a Scam?

After reviewing Craftivating and analyzing numerous Craftivating reviews, I have determined that Craftivating appears to be a legitimate company and not a scam.

Product Quality

Based on my research, Craftivating offers high quality crafting supplies, tools and materials at affordable prices. The items seem to be sourced from reputable manufacturers and many customers report satisfaction with their purchases.

While a few negative reviews mentioned issues with certain products, the majority of customers found the quality to meet or exceed their expectations, indicating that Craftivating values providing useful and long-lasting materials to crafters and makers. The company also appears to stand behind their products by offering refunds or replacements if a customer is unsatisfied.

Customer Service

In addition to providing quality goods, Craftivating seems to emphasize customer satisfaction and support. They offer conveniences like free shipping on orders over $35, a loyalty rewards program, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Multiple reviews praised Craftivating’s customer service department for being responsive, helpful and willing to resolve any problems. The ability to quickly answer questions and address concerns is a hallmark of a reputable company.

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Website Security

Craftivating’s website uses SSL encryption to protect customers’ personal information and financial data during checkout. They also accept major credit cards as well as PayPal, providing more secure payment options. These factors indicate that Craftivating takes privacy and security seriously.

In summary, while no company is perfect, Craftivating exhibits multiple signs of being a legitimate business. From the quality of their products to their customer-centric policies to their secure website, Craftivating appears trustworthy and unlikely to be a scam. If you do experience issues, their support team seems willing to make things right, giving customers confidence in shopping with them.

Our Verdict: Should You Use Craftivating?

Our Verdict: Should You Use Craftivating?

After reviewing Craftivating and analyzing numerous customer reviews, I believe Craftivating can be a legitimate and useful service for many crafters and DIYers. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before signing up:

Craftivating offers a wide selection of craft supplies, tools and equipment at competitive prices. For crafters seeking affordability and convenience, Craftivating aims to please. Their subscription boxes in particular seem popular and budget-friendly.

However, some reviewers noted delayed shipping times, difficulty canceling subscriptions, and lack of customer service responsiveness. As with any company, there is room for improvement. My recommendation would be to start with a small order or short-term subscription to test the quality and service before committing long-term.

For crafters willing to take a chance on potential downsides for significant cost savings, Craftivating may prove worthwhile. For those seeking premium products and white-glove service, Craftivating may disappoint. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

In summary, while Craftivating garners mixed reviews, many loyal customers find the pros outweigh the cons. With realistic expectations about shipping, service and quality, Craftivating can be a useful resource for DIY enthusiasts and casual crafters on a budget. However, for those seeking premium artisan supplies or highly responsive customer support, Craftivating may not meet needs.

As with any purchase, I recommend weighing options carefully based on individual priorities and risk tolerance. For the right customer, Craftivating offers affordability, variety and convenience that enables the joy of creativity. For others, alternate retailers may better fit needs. The choice is personal.


In summary, based on my extensive research into Craftivating and reviews from both experts and regular customers, Craftivating appears to be a legitimate and reputable company providing high-quality crafting subscription boxes. While the products and brands featured may vary from month to month, Craftivating aims to source from reputable suppliers and provide subscribers with an enjoyable unboxing experience and opportunities to discover new crafting materials, tools, and techniques. For crafters and hobbyists looking to expand their crafting horizons in a convenient and budget-friendly manner, Craftivating seems an excellent option worth trying. I hope this review has provided readers considering a Craftivating subscription useful insights to make an informed choice. Happy crafting!

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