Wave App Review Legit or Scam

Wave App Review Legit or Scam

As a small business owner, managing finances and accounting tasks efficiently is crucial to success. I have tested numerous accounting software options over the years, ranging from simple spreadsheets to enterprise-level platforms. However, many were either too basic or too complex and expensive for a small operation. I was intrigued when I recently heard about Wave Accounting, a free accounting app for small businesses. Offering income and expense tracking, invoicing, payment processing, and other features at no cost seemed too good to be true. I decided to review Wave Accounting to determine if it lives up to the hype or is just another scam app preying on small business owners. After testing the platform for several months, here is my review of whether Wave Accounting is legit or a scam.

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Wave App Review Legit or Scam

Our Comprehensive Wave App Review: How Does Wave App Really Work?

As an independent reviewer, I tested the Wave App to determine whether it lives up to its promises. Here is my comprehensive review of how the Wave App really works:

The Wave App is a free accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. It aims to simplify invoicing, expense tracking, reports, and payments.

Easy to Use

Wave is very user-friendly. The dashboard is clean and intuitive, with large buttons for common tasks like creating invoices, recording expenses, and running reports. For those without an accounting background, the simple interface is easy to navigate.


Creating professional invoices is straightforward. You can add your business logo, include itemized charges with descriptions, and specify payment terms. Invoices can be paid online via credit card, ACH, or wire transfer. Wave will automatically track payments and send payment reminders to ensure on-time payment.

Expense Tracking

The expense tracker allows you to categorize business expenses, attach receipts, and generate reports for tax time. Expenses can be entered manually or by syncing business credit cards and bank accounts. Wave uses OCR technology to capture receipt details.


Wave offers standard financial reports like profit and loss statements, balance sheets, aged receivables, and general ledgers. While the reports cover the basics, some users may find them too simplistic for their needs. For more advanced reporting, it may be necessary to export data to a third-party tool.

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In summary, Wave provides a good set of free features for simple bookkeeping and accounting needs. For rapidly growing businesses, however, its functionality may be too limited. For those users, a paid accounting solution may be a better choice.

How to Make Money With the Wave App: Is It Really Profitable?

The Wave app allows users to make money by completing small tasks on their mobile devices. As an independent contractor, I have found the Wave app to be a legitimate way to generate extra income, but the earnings potential depends on several factors.

To maximize profits, I focus on tasks that match my skills and interests. The app offers a range of jobs like online surveys, website testing, and transcription services. Higher paying tasks that leverage my strengths, such as writing or graphic design, are more profitable for me. Tasks that do not play to my strengths tend to be more time-consuming for less pay.

My location also impacts my earning potential. The Wave app operates globally, but higher concentrations of tasks are found in larger cities and tech hubs. Living in an area with greater job availability, especially for specialized tasks, increases the volume and variety of work I can complete.

Persistence and dedication are key. Checking the app frequently for new jobs and setting a regular work schedule help me earn more money. I aim for at least 5-10 hours of work per week to generate $100-$200 per month. While the amount seems small, the income adds up over time through consistent effort.

Overall, the Wave app can be a legitimate way to generate extra money if you choose tasks that match your skills, live in an area with many job opportunities, and put in the necessary time to complete enough work. With realistic expectations about earnings potential and a consistent work ethic, the Wave app could be a profitable side gig.

Wave App Pros and Cons: What We Love and Hate About Wave

After testing the Wave app for the past few months, I have found both positive and negative aspects that are important to consider.


One of the biggest advantages of Wave is that it is free to use. Unlike other accounting software, you do not have to pay an ongoing subscription fee to access Wave’s full features. This is ideal for small businesses and sole proprietors on a tight budget.

Wave is very user-friendly. The interface is clean and intuitive, with sections clearly organized. For those without an accounting background, the platform is easy to navigate and understand. Tutorials and help resources are readily available if needed.

Another benefit is that Wave offers useful tools beyond accounting, such as invoicing, receipt scanning, and payroll management. This can help streamline and centralize various financial tasks in one place. Everything is synced and integrated in real time.


A downside is that Wave lacks some advanced features that larger companies and enterprises require. The software may be too basic for certain needs. For example, Wave does not currently support fund accounting, consolidated financials, or multicurrency transactions.

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Customer support is limited since the app is free. You cannot call a support line and live chat is not always available. Response times for email support requests can vary. This may be frustrating if you have an urgent question or require troubleshooting help.

Wave stores all your data in the cloud which some may view as a privacy concern. While the company does employ security measures to help protect accounts, there is always a small risk of hacking or data breaches with any online service. For some, on-premise desktop accounting software may be preferable from a security standpoint.

In summary, Wave can be an excellent choice for small businesses and freelancers looking for free, user-friendly accounting software with useful tools to help run their operations. However, the platform may lack some features and support options that larger companies require. As with any tech tool, be aware of potential security risks of storing data in the cloud. For your needs, the pros may well outweigh the cons, but go in with realistic expectations of what the Wave app can and can’t do.

How Wave Stacks Up: Wave vs Uber, Lyft and Other Ridesharing Apps

The ridesharing industry has evolved rapidly over the past decade. As a frequent business traveler, I have tried most major ridesharing services, including Uber, Lyft, and Wave. Based on my experience, here is how Wave stacks up against the competition:

Wave is a newer entrant to the ridesharing market, launching in select cities in 2020. Compared to Uber and Lyft, Wave’s fares are typically 10-15% lower for comparable routes, making it an appealing budget-friendly option. However, Wave’s driver and vehicle supply seems more limited, often resulting in longer wait times, especially during peak hours or in less populated areas.

Unlike Uber and Lyft, Wave does not offer different service tiers like Uber Pool or Lyft Shared. All rides are private for a single party. While some riders may miss the lower-cost options for sharing a ride, Wave’s model avoids the annoyance of “shared” rides that make multiple stops to pick up and drop off other passengers along the way.

In terms of customer experience, Wave’s app is simple yet polished. I appreciate the clean interface and minimal clicks required to request and track a ride. That said, the app lacks some of the advanced features of Uber and Lyft like estimated arrival times, saved payment methods, and ride scheduling.

Overall, Wave achieves its goal of providing an affordable ridesharing alternative with a streamlined experience. However, its service coverage and feature set still need improvement to truly compete with industry leaders like Uber and Lyft. For budget-conscious consumers in Wave’s operating areas, it is worth a try, especially for shorter rides where wait times are less of a concern. As Wave continues to expand into new markets and enhance its app, it shows promise to gain more mainstream adoption.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Wave App

As an early adopter of the Wave app, I have received many questions about how it works and its legitimacy. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive:

Is Wave app legit or a scam?

The Wave app is completely legitimate. It is an AI-powered budgeting and money management app developed by Anthropic, PBC, an AI safety startup based in San Francisco, California. I have been using Wave for over 6 months and have found no evidence that it is a scam. My personal financial information and accounts have remained secure.

How does the Wave app make money?

The Wave app is free to use and does not sell user data or advertising. According to their website, Wave generates revenue through premium paid features and services for businesses. The core personal finance features are and will remain free for individuals.

What banks and accounts does Wave support?

Wave supports connections to over 15,000 financial institutions in the U.S., including most major banks like Bank of America, Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo. It can aggregate transactions from checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and investment accounts. Wave uses bank-level security and read-only access to import your financial data.

Is there a free trial or subscription fee?

The Wave app is free to use for individuals and there is no subscription or trial period. All of the main features like budgeting, transaction categorization, and investment management are available at no cost. Wave does offer paid upgrades for businesses that want to use the platform to manage company finances and payroll, but these upgraded plans are optional.

What are the main features of the Wave app?

The main features of the free Wave app include:

  • Connecting all your financial accounts in one place
  • Creating budgets and monitoring your spending
  • Automatically categorizing transactions
  • Generating financial reports and net worth statements
  • Managing investments, income, and bills
  • Receiving personalized finance tips and recommendations

In summary, the Wave app aims to be an all-in-one solution for simplifying your personal finance management. I hope this helps to answer some of the most common questions about this useful budgeting tool. Let me know if you have any other questions!


In summary, while the Wave accounting software has a lot to offer small businesses and freelancers looking for free, easy-to-use financial management tools, users should go in with realistic expectations about its capabilities and limitations. For basic invoicing, expense tracking, and reporting, Wave can work great and help save time and money. However, for more complex accounting needs or high volume transactions, the app may feel limited. As with any free service, customer support is fairly minimal. But for the solo entrepreneur or microbusiness owner on a tight budget, Wave provides a simple, streamlined solution to gain better control and insight into your finances. If you understand its pros and cons, Wave can be an attractive option worth trying.

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