Trustpilot UK Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam

Trustpilot UK Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam

As an online shopper in the UK, reading customer reviews has become second nature before making a purchase. You want to ensure you’re buying from a reputable company that delivers quality products and good service. Trustpilot is one of the largest review communities, with over 2.7 million reviews of businesses in the UK. But with its increasing popularity comes the question – can you trust Trustpilot UK reviews or is it a scam?

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In this article, we’ll explore how Trustpilot works, look at the legitimacy of reviews, and whether businesses can manipulate the system. We’ll provide tips for spotting fake reviews to empower you as a consumer. While no system is perfect, Trustpilot aims to build a community based on transparency and trust. By understanding their policies and using your best judgment, you can leverage the wisdom of crowds to make confident buying decisions and avoid poor experiences from untrustworthy companies. The choice is ultimately up to you as an informed customer.

What Is Trustpilot UK?

Trustpilot UK is a review website where consumers can share and discover real reviews of businesses to help them shop with confidence. Founded in Denmark, Trustpilot opened their UK office in 2012 to better serve local businesses and their customers.

On Trustpilot UK, consumers can leave reviews about their experiences with a company’s products, services, or customer support. Businesses can then respond to reviews, both positive and negative, to build trust and improve. Consumers researching a business will see its average star rating and read through reviews from verified reviewers to gain insight from others’ experiences before purchasing.

With over 1 million UK businesses listed and more than 2 million UK consumer reviews, Trustpilot aims to bring transparency and trust to online shopping. However, some critics argue that because reviews are self-reported, they could be misleading. While Trustpilot employs advanced technology and human moderators to detect fraudulent reviews, no system is perfect.

If you’re looking for genuine consumer reviews to guide your purchasing decisions or want to build credibility for your business through customer reviews, Trustpilot UK could be a useful resource. However, as with any review site, reviews should be taken with a grain of salt since there is potential for biased or inaccurate information. The most balanced approach is to consider Trustpilot UK reviews along with other available information to make the choice that is right for you.

How Trustpilot UK Works

To understand how Trustpilot UK works, it’s important to know that it is a review platform where customers can leave reviews and ratings about their experiences with businesses.

How Businesses Get Reviews

Businesses that want reviews on Trustpilot UK must first claim their company profile. This involves verifying they are legitimate and providing some basic information about their business. Once claimed, customers who have interacted with that company can leave reviews on their profile page.

Businesses have no control over what customers write in their reviews or the ratings they receive. Trustpilot UK’s policies prohibit businesses from incentivizing or manipulating reviews in any way. Reviews and ratings on Trustpilot UK aim to provide an unbiased representation of a company’s customer service and product quality.

How Reviews Are Validated

To prevent fraudulent or spam reviews, Trustpilot UK employs an automated fraud detection system as well as human moderators who manually check reviews. Reviews found to be fraudulent or that violate Trustpilot UK’s guidelines are removed.

Legitimate negative reviews are not removed, even if a business complains about them. Trustpilot UK values honest and transparent reviews to provide consumers with a balanced view of a company. Businesses are encouraged to publicly respond to any reviews, whether positive or negative, to give their side of the story and show customers they are listening to feedback.

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How Consumers Use Reviews

For consumers, Trustpilot UK aims to be a helpful resource when researching and comparing businesses. The star ratings and reviews from other customers provide insight into the quality and service a company may provide. Reading through a mix of both positive and critical reviews can give a balanced impression to help inform purchasing decisions.

The Pros of Using Trustpilot UK

The Pros of Using Trustpilot UK

When determining whether Trustpilot UK is legit or a scam, it is important to consider the benefits of using their reviews platform.

Trustpilot UK allows businesses to gain valuable insights into customer experiences and perceptions. By analyzing reviews and ratings on Trustpilot UK, companies can identify areas of excellence as well as opportunities for improvement. This can help guide business decisions and enhance the customer experience.

For consumers, Trustpilot UK offers transparency into how businesses actually operate and treat their customers. Reading both positive and negative reviews helps buyers make informed purchasing choices and have realistic expectations about a company’s products, services or customer service. With over 2 million registered businesses and more than 100 million reviews, Trustpilot UK has a vast amount of data that can aid both companies and their potential clients.

Trustpilot UK is also beneficial because reviews and ratings are verified. This means that reviewers must make a verified purchase from the company before they can leave a review. This helps limit the number of fake or fraudulent reviews and ensures that feedback is coming from real customers with real experiences to share. Verified reviews lead to greater trust in the insights and ratings.

In summary, the main pros of using Trustpilot UK include:

  • Gaining actionable insights into the customer experience
  • Enhancing transparency and enabling informed buyer decisions
  • Having a vast amount of verified review data from real customers
  • Identifying what the business is doing well and areas for improvement
  • Building and maintaining customer trust through transparent practices

While no review platform is perfect, Trustpilot UK’s pros demonstrate its value for both businesses and consumers. The abundance of verified reviews and ratings, as well as the insights they provide, make Trustpilot UK worth considering as a legitimate and useful reviews website.

Potential Drawbacks of Trustpilot UK

While Trustpilot UK has many benefits for businesses and consumers, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

Lack of Verification

Anyone can leave a review on Trustpilot UK, regardless of whether they have actually used a company’s products or services. This means there is a risk of false or misleading reviews, whether positive or negative. Trustpilot UK does have systems in place to detect fraudulent reviews, but some inaccurate reviews may still slip through the cracks.


Some companies may pressure customers into leaving positive reviews or offer incentives in exchange for good ratings and reviews. This can artificially inflate a company’s score and distort the accuracy of their TrustScore. Although against Trustpilot UK’s terms of service, these practices can be difficult to detect and prevent. Buyers should be wary of companies with a disproportionate number of brief 5-star reviews.


While Trustpilot UK strives for objectivity, there is always a possibility of bias in reviews and ratings. A company’s TrustScore can be affected by overly positive or overly negative reviewers with a personal agenda or ax to grind. When reading reviews, look for balanced perspectives and consistent themes to determine the truth.

Lack of Context

Brief reviews often lack context about the reviewer’s experience or relationship to the company. For example, a single negative review could be from an unreasonable or disgruntled customer. Or a glowing 5-star review may be from a brand new customer still in the “honeymoon phase.” Look for detailed, thoughtful reviews from established customers to gain the most insight.

Resolution Issues

While Trustpilot UK offers businesses the opportunity to publicly respond to any review, this does not guarantee resolution or a change in the customer’s opinion. Unresolved issues or lack of response from a company could be a red flag for potential buyers. Check how companies follow up on and address both positive and negative reviews to determine how well they value customer feedback and service.

In summary, Trustpilot UK can be a useful source of reviews and ratings, but consumers should factor in these potential limitations. Looking at the bigger picture, consistency across reviews, and specifics of the customer’s experience can help identify the most balanced and trustworthy perspectives.

Notable Trustpilot UK Reviews for Top UK Brands

Trustpilot UK has become a reliable source for reviews of many well-known UK brands. Below are some notable examples of top brands with a strong presence on Trustpilot UK.

John Lewis

John Lewis is a major UK retailer with over 50 shops across the country. On Trustpilot UK, John Lewis has over 64,000 reviews and an “Excellent” 4.5-star rating. Customers frequently praise John Lewis for great customer service, high quality products, and fair prices.

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ASOS is a popular UK online fashion and beauty retailer, especially with younger consumers. They have over 123,000 reviews on Trustpilot UK and a 4.2-star “Great” rating. Reviewers highlight ASOS’s affordable yet trendy clothing options, frequent sales, and quick delivery as major benefits. However, some note issues with returns and customer service responsiveness at times.


Sky is a major telecommunications company and pay TV service in the UK and Ireland. They have over 63,000 reviews and a 3.9-star “Good” rating on Trustpilot UK. Positive reviews mention competitive pricing, channel variety and streaming options. Negative reviews cite difficulties canceling service or price increases after the initial contract period.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media provides phone, internet, and TV services to customers across the UK. They have over 15,000 reviews and a 3.5-star “Average” rating on Trustpilot UK. Satisfied customers appreciate fast broadband speeds, channel options and affordability. Dissatisfied customers report issues with unreliable connections, hidden fees, and poor customer support.

In summary, Trustpilot UK contains reviews for many of the largest brands operating in the UK, providing a useful look into their reputations and customer experiences. While experiences certainly vary from person to person, the reviews can help identify both the strengths and potential weaknesses of different companies according to their actual customers.

Are All Trustpilot UK Reviews Legitimate?

While Trustpilot aims to provide authentic reviews from verified customers, not all reviews on Trustpilot UK may be completely legitimate. Some businesses have been known to solicit positive reviews from customers or ask employees to leave glowing reviews to boost their ratings. However, Trustpilot employs several measures to detect fraudulent or suspicious reviews and remove them from the site.

Trustpilot requires all reviewers to verify their email address before posting a review. Reviewers must also confirm that they have personally used or purchased products or services from the business they are reviewing. Trustpilot uses software algorithms and human moderators to analyze reviews for suspicious patterns like bulk posting of positive reviews in a short time or reviews that sound overly promotional. Reviews that are detected as potentially fraudulent are removed from the site.

Businesses themselves are prohibited from offering incentives or rewards for positive reviews. If a business is found soliciting reviews in this manner, Trustpilot may issue a warning or in severe cases remove the business’s profile from the site altogether. Some critics argue that the threat of removal compels businesses to aggressively solicit positive reviews to counteract any negative reviews, creating an endless cycle of review fraud. However, Trustpilot maintains that repeat offenders who continue violating policies after warnings face removal to uphold review integrity.

While no review platform is perfect, Trustpilot aims to provide the most authentic reviews possible through active fraud detection and strict enforcement of policies. As with any reviews, consumers should consider the source and look for reviews that provide specific details about experiences with the business. Look for both positive and negative reviews to get a balanced sense of the company and avoid only reading obviously solicited or fraudulent 5-star reviews. By being vigilant and skeptical, you can determine whether the preponderance of reviews on Trustpilot UK seem legitimate and make an informed judgment.

Tips for Spotting Fake Reviews on Trustpilot UK

To determine whether reviews on Trustpilot UK are legitimate or fraudulent, there are several signs you can look for. By being vigilant and skeptical, you can spot questionable reviews and make a better judgment on a business’s reputation.

Repetitive or Generic Comments

Be wary of reviews that seem duplicated or contain vague, sweeping statements that could apply to any company. Legitimate reviewers will typically share details specific to their experience. Comments like “great service” or “very satisfied” without further explanation may indicate fake reviews.

Large Volumes of 5-Star Reviews in a Short Time Span

Sudden bursts of multiple extremely positive reviews in a few days could signal that a business is attempting to boost their rating quickly. Trustworthy companies generally receive reviews at a steady rate over time. Look for a range of ratings, including some critical reviews addressing areas needing improvement.

Lack of Verified Purchases

Search for reviews marked as “verified purchase” to ensure the reviewer has actually used the company’s products or services. If a business has many glowing reviews but few or no verified purchases, it may indicate the reviews were solicited or paid for rather than earned from real customers.

Reviewer Profiles with No Photo or Single Review

Fraudulent reviewers often create generic profiles with no photo and have only reviewed a single business. Legitimate reviewers usually have well-rounded profiles, multiple reviews of various companies, and sometimes a profile photo. See if the reviewers seem like real people.

Defensive Responses from the Business Owner

How a company responds to reviews can be telling. Businesses confident in their good reputation will often thank reviewers for the feedback. Defensive, argumentative, or disrespectful responses may indicate the company’s awareness of the questionable nature of their positive reviews. Polite, constructive responses to critical reviews are a good sign.

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By exercising a critical eye and watching for these common signs of potentially fake reviews, you can determine whether the reviews and ratings on Trustpilot UK reflect the actual reputation and service of a business. Make your decision based on the overall balance of legitimate, thoughtful reviews from real customers.

How Businesses Can Respond to Reviews on Trustpilot UK

As a business with reviews on Trustpilot UK, it is important to monitor them regularly and respond professionally. Doing so helps build customer trust and improves your company’s reputation.

Respond to All Reviews

Respond to each review, whether positive or negative, in a timely manner. For positive reviews, thank the customer for their feedback and loyalty. For negative reviews, apologize for their poor experience and ask follow up questions to better understand their concerns. Let them know you value their feedback and are committed to improving.

Address Complaints Thoroughly

When addressing a complaint, be specific in your response. Reiterate the issues mentioned in the review to confirm you understand the customer’s concerns fully. Explain the steps you will take to remedy the situation and prevent similar problems going forward. Provide a sincere apology and take responsibility for any mistakes. If possible, take the conversation offline by asking the customer to contact your support team directly to resolve the issue.

Be Professional and Courteous

Maintain a professional, courteous tone in all responses. Do not argue or make excuses. Thank the reviewer again for bringing the issue to your attention so you have the opportunity to make things right. Assure the customer, and anyone else reading the review, that you care about providing good service and value them greatly.

Track and Improve

Once you have responded to a review, track any follow up communication to ensure the customer’s issue has been resolved satisfactorily. Look for trends in the feedback to find areas where you can improve customer experience. Make changes to your products, services or processes as needed to address common problems or complaints.

By monitoring reviews closely and taking the time to respond thoughtfully, you can build trust, strengthen relationships and become a better business. While negative reviews are never easy to receive, they provide an opportunity to shine by showing customers you genuinely care about their feedback and are committed to continuous improvement.

Trustpilot UK FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

What is Trustpilot UK?

Trustpilot UK is a consumer review website where customers can leave reviews and rate their experiences with businesses. It allows companies to collect reviews from verified customers to build trust and help others make more informed decisions. Trustpilot UK has over 60 million reviews of more than 495,000 businesses.

Is Trustpilot UK legit or a scam?

Trustpilot UK is a legitimate review platform. It is not a scam. Trustpilot UK allows anyone to leave a review of a business, but it verifies reviewers by checking that they have made a purchase from the company. This helps to reduce the number of fake reviews. While no system is perfect, Trustpilot UK works to ensure reviews are authentic and from real customers.

How does Trustpilot UK make money?

Trustpilot UK makes money through paid subscriptions that provide businesses access to their review management system and other features. The basic free profile allows companies to view and respond to reviews, but paid plans provide benefits like the ability to post a company statement, access to analytics and insights, as well as tools to better manage their online reputation.

Can companies pay to manipulate reviews on Trustpilot UK?

Trustpilot UK does not allow companies to pay to manipulate or hide negative reviews. Trustpilot UK uses automated algorithms and human moderators to detect fraudulent reviews and take action against companies that violate their guidelines. However, some critics argue it can still be difficult to determine if a company is manipulating reviews in more subtle ways, such as by offering incentives for customers to leave positive reviews.

How can I leave a review on Trustpilot UK?

To leave a review on Trustpilot UK, you must first create an account by providing your name, email address, and password. You can then search for the company you want to review and click “Write a review.” Select a star rating from 1 to 5 stars and describe your experience with the business. Mention specific details about your interaction and overall impression. Your review will be published once Trustpilot UK verifies you have made a purchase from that company.


As you have seen from this analysis of Trustpilot UK, it offers a valuable service for both consumers and businesses. While no review platform is perfect, Trustpilot works to build trust and transparency in the marketplace. By giving customers a voice and businesses an opportunity to improve, Trustpilot aims to create a virtuous cycle of good faith and good service. For shoppers, check Trustpilot reviews to make an informed choice. For companies, focus on providing great experiences and addressing any concerns to build your reputation. Though skepticism has its place, Trustpilot UK appears to be working to legitimize customer reviews and support ethical business practices. If you go in with realistic expectations about the diversity of opinions online, Trustpilot can be a useful tool for navigating the modern marketplace.

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