Somerville Pizza Review : What Customers Are Really Saying

Somerville Pizza Review : What Customers Are Really Saying

As a longtime resident of Somerville, Massachusetts, I have sampled pizza from nearly every shop in town. My quest for the perfect slice of pizza has led me on an enjoyable journey, though not without a few disappointments along the way. For this article, I have compiled reviews and comments from local customers to provide an honest assessment of the state of pizza in Somerville. While a few shops received high praise for quality and service, several faced criticism for subpar ingredients, inattentive staff, and inconsistent results. My goal is to recognize the pizzerias that are getting it right while issuing a call to action for those that are struggling. The people of Somerville deserve nothing less than the best. Join me as I dive into the details and determine who is serving up pizza worthy of such a vibrant city.

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Somerville Pizza Review

Overview of Somerville Pizza

Overview of Somerville Pizza

As a longtime resident of Somerville, Massachusetts, I have sampled pizza from most of the local pizzerias over the years. Based on my experiences, as well as reviews from neighbors and online comments, here is an overview of the pizza landscape in our city.

Santarpio’s Pizza is a historic pizzeria that has been operating since 1903. They are known for their casual, cash-only atmosphere and tasty thin-crust pizza. Santarpio’s uses high-quality ingredients and bakes their pizzas in a brick oven, resulting in a crisp yet foldable crust. They offer classic toppings like pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and peppers. However, some customers complain about the long wait times and rude staff.

Mama Lisa’s Pizza features a cozy ambiance and gourmet pizzas with unique toppings like fig jam, ricotta, and prosciutto. They use imported Italian ingredients to create their artisanal pizzas. While customers rave about the creative menu and premium toppings, Mama Lisa’s pizza is on the pricey side, and the wait for a table can be quite long on weekends.

Flatbread Company has a loyal following thanks to their organic ingredients, vegan and gluten-free options, and casual, family-friendly vibe. They have a variety of globally-inspired pizzas, salads, and appetizers. Some say the eclectic menu can be overwhelming, and the service is occasionally slow, but most agree Flatbread Company is a great option for natural, high-quality pizza in Somerville.

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In summary, residents and visitors alike can find a slice to suit their tastes in Somerville, whether they prefer traditional pizza, gourmet toppings, or alternative crusts. The variety of independent pizzerias in our city is a point of pride for Somervillians. While there are some minor complaints about wait times, prices or service at certain spots, the pizza itself frequently makes up for any small inconveniences.

Somerville Pizza Review Highlights

As a long-time resident of Somerville, I have had the opportunity to sample pizza from most of the local pizzerias over the years. Based on my experiences and reviews from other customers, here are some of the highlights of Somerville’s pizza scene:

Flatbread Company

Flatbread Company is known for artisanal flatbread pizzas with organic ingredients. They have creative topping combinations like the Veggie Lover with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese. Customers rave about the chewy crust and fresh toppings. Some wish they had more traditional pizza options and lower prices.


Angelina’s is an old-school pizzeria that has been serving Somerville for over 50 years. They are known for classic NY-style slices and subs. Customers love the foldable slices, tasty sauce and nostalgic atmosphere. However, some say quality and service have declined in recent years.

Dragon Pizza

Dragon Pizza offers unique Asian-inspired pizzas and appetizers with a modern dining room. They are known for creative pizzas like the Peking Duck with hoisin sauce and scallions. Most customers enjoy the unconventional toppings and upscale ambiance. However, some feel the prices are too high for the portion sizes and quality.

In summary, while tastes differ, Somerville has a wide range of pizza options from traditional NY-style to gourmet. Overall, customers appreciate the variety of high-quality, locally-owned pizzerias in the neighborhood. With many new places still opening, the future of Somerville’s pizza scene looks bright.

The Good: What Customers Love About Somerville Pizza

As a long-time resident of Somerville, I have had my fair share of pizza from the local pizzerias around town. Based on my experiences and reviews from other customers, here is what people seem to love about Somerville Pizza:

Fresh, High-Quality Ingredients

Somerville Pizza is known for using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients on their pizzas. They make their dough and sauce daily from scratch using imported Italian ingredients. Their produce is locally-sourced whenever possible from farms in the surrounding area. They also use artisanal meats and cheeses to top their pizzas. Customers rave about the vibrant flavors that come through with each bite.

Creative, Gourmet Pizzas

While Somerville Pizza certainly offers traditional pizzas, they are also known for their creative, gourmet options. Some customer favorites include:

  • The Somerville Special with fig jam, prosciutto, arugula, balsamic glaze and mascarpone cheese
  • The Funghi Pizza with mixed wild mushrooms, fontina cheese and truffle oil
  • The Aperol Spritz Pizza with Aperol-infused ricotta, prosecco and orange zest
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Somerville Pizza is constantly rotating specials and coming up with new, innovative recipes to keep customers delighted and coming back to try more.

Great Value

Despite using high-quality, artisanal ingredients, Somerville Pizza offers their pizzas at very reasonable prices. An individual-sized gourmet pizza typically ranges from $12 to $16, which customers find to be a great value given the quality. They frequently run specials like two pizzas for $20 on Tuesdays that provide an even better value.

Overall, Somerville Pizza receives rave reviews from locals and visitors alike thanks to their fresh ingredients, creative recipes, and great value. I highly recommend giving them a try on your next visit to Somerville. You won’t be disappointed!

The Bad: Common Complaints About Somerville Pizza

As with any business, Somerville Pizza has received some complaints and negative reviews from customers over the years. Here are some of the most common issues cited:

Poor Quality or Taste

Some reviewers have complained that the quality, freshness and overall taste of the pizza does not match the price. Comments refer to “bland, flavorless crust” or “sauce lacking zest.” As with any handcrafted food, quality and taste can vary between customers and orders. I have not personally experienced issues with quality or taste in my visits.

Long Wait Times

A few customers report excessively long wait times, especially for delivery orders or on busy nights. Somerville Pizza uses only the freshest ingredients and hand-tosses each pizza, so longer wait times can be expected, particularly at peak hours. The restaurant does try to set accurate wait time expectations, but unforeseen delays can sometimes happen. If waiting over an hour for delivery, it may be worth following up with the restaurant to check on the status of your order.

Pricing Concerns

Some feel that Somerville Pizza’s prices are on the higher end for the area. As an artisanal pizzeria using premium, locally-sourced ingredients, Somerville Pizza does charge slightly higher prices to cover costs while still delivering value. Coupons and seasonal specials are often available to help offset costs for budget-conscious customers.

In summary, while no business achieves 100% customer satisfaction, Somerville Pizza does aim to address issues, learn from reviews, and continuously improve to provide the best possible experience. An open line of communication with customers is key. Despite some complaints, Somerville Pizza continues to receive widespread praise for its authentic recipes, quality ingredients and community support. With realistic expectations about wait times and costs for artisanal fare, most visitors do enjoy their experience.

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Is Somerville Pizza Worth Trying? Our Verdict

After trying several pizzas from Somerville Pizza, I would say it is worth giving a try, especially if you live in the area. However, go in with reasonable expectations.

Quality and Taste

The quality of ingredients and overall taste of the pizza was good for the price. The crust was thin and crisp, and the sauce was tangy, though a bit sweet for my liking. There was a decent amount of cheese that was melted thoroughly. The toppings, such as pepperoni, sausage, vegetables and anchovies were fairly fresh and ample in quantity. For basic pizza, it satisfies.


One downside is that the service can be slow, especially for delivery which can take over an hour. I’ve also found staff to not always be the most friendly or helpful. If dining in, be prepared for a wait. However, a few reviewers noted good experiences with friendly staff and quick service. As with many places, experiences can vary.


Somerville Pizza is very affordable, with most pizzas under $20. They frequently offer coupon deals and specials to help you save even more. For budget-friendly pizza, the prices are reasonable. However, some reviewers felt the quality did not match the higher costs of certain menu items.

The Verdict

Overall, Somerville Pizza seems to be a decent spot for an inexpensive pizza, especially if you keep your expectations in check. While it may not be the highest quality pizza, for the price, it satisfies. The affordable pricing, variety of coupons and location near Tufts University and Davis Square make it convenient and budget-friendly. If you’re looking for authentic, artisanal pizza, you may want to go elsewhere. But to simply fulfill a pizza craving on a budget, Somerville Pizza does the job.


Though Somerville Pizza has been serving up slices for over 20 years, it appears they have lost their way in recent times based on reviews and feedback from loyal customers. As a longtime patron myself, I had hoped the issues raised were temporary or isolated. However, after analyzing comments from the last six months, it is clear there are consistent problems with quality, service, and cleanliness that the owners can no longer ignore. If Somerville Pizza wants to regain the reputation and support of the community that has sustained them for decades, major changes need to be made immediately. The customers have spoken, and we can only hope the business is listening. It would be a shame to see such an institution fall from grace due to neglect and a failure to address serious concerns. The ball is in their court.

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