Public Data Check UK Review: Is legit or scam?

Public Data Check UK Review: Is legit or scam?

As an individual seeking to conduct a background check in the UK, you want to use a service that is reputable, affordable, and provides accurate information. With many companies offering background checks, it can be difficult to determine which service to use. Public Data Check claims to be a leader in background checks and public records searches in the UK. However, some reviews call into question the legitimacy and value of the service.

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Public Data Check UK Review

Before using Public Data Check, you’ll want to understand what they offer and whether they are a legit service or a scam. This review provides an in-depth look at Public Data Check to help you make an informed decision about whether to use them for your background check needs.

What Is Public Data Check?

What Is Public Data Check?

Public Data Check is a UK-based website offering background check and people search services. Their goal is to provide individuals and businesses with a quick and affordable way to access public records data.

Public Data Check allows you to search for records on people and places across the UK. They offer access to several data sources, including:

  1. Electoral roll – See current and historical electoral roll entries for an individual including their address history.
  2. Bankruptcies – Check if someone has been declared bankrupt and view bankruptcy orders.
  3. CCJs – Find County Court Judgments issued against individuals or businesses. CCJs show if someone has failed to repay money owed.
  4. Property sales – Uncover information on residential and commercial property sales including sale price, transfer date, and the parties involved.
  5. Planning applications – Access details on planning applications submitted to local councils including application status, property details, and applicant information.

The website has an easy to use interface that allows you to perform quick searches to uncover this public data. They do not require any registration or subscription to access their basic records. However, they do offer paid membership options with additional features like bulk data downloads, API access, and priority support.

Overall, Public Data Check appears to be a legitimate service for accessing public records information on people and places in the UK. They openly state that they source data from official registers and make no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information, as it can change over time. But by using official data sources, they aim to provide the most current information available on their website.

How Does Public Data Check Work?

Public Data Check allows individuals in the UK to access personal data held by companies and public sector organizations. To understand how the service works, there are a few key steps to be aware of:

Submitting a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

To access your information, you first need to submit a formal request to the organization that holds your data. This is known as a Data Subject Access Request or DSAR. You will need to provide details to verify your identity, such as your full name, address, date of birth, etc. The organization has one month to respond to a valid DSAR.

Reviewing the response

The organization should provide you with a copy of all personal data they hold about you. This may include account information, correspondence, payment details, IP addresses, and more. Carefully review all information to ensure it is correct and up-to-date. If anything is inaccurate or out-of-date, you have the right to request corrections.

Exercising your data rights

In addition to accessing and correcting your data, you have other rights under data protection laws. These include:

  1. The right to erasure: Request deletion of your personal data.
  2. The right to restrict processing: Limit how an organization uses your data.
  3. The right to object: Object to how your data is processed for direct marketing purposes.
  4. The right to data portability: Obtain and reuse your data for your own purposes.

Public Data Check aims to make it easy for people to take control of their data. By understanding your rights and how to submit DSARs, you can ensure your personal information is kept private, accurate, and used properly. If you run into any issues, do not hesitate to contact Public Data Check for guidance and support.

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Public Data Check Features Review

Public Data Check offers several useful features for individuals and businesses in the UK.

Free Credit Report

You can obtain your free credit report instantly on Public Data Check. Your credit report details your credit history, including all accounts, payment information, bankruptcies, and defaults. Reviewing your credit report regularly is important to check for any errors or signs of fraud.

Credit Score

In addition to your credit report, Public Data Check provides your credit score for free. Your credit score is a three-digit number that represents your creditworthiness to lenders. The higher your score, the more likely you are to qualify for loans and credit cards with good terms. Public Data Check uses a scoring model that provides scores ranging from 0 to 700, with higher scores indicating a lower risk to lenders.

Credit Monitoring

For a monthly fee, Public Data Check offers credit monitoring services to track your credit report and score for any changes. Credit monitoring can alert you to signs of fraud early by notifying you if a new account is opened in your name or if your score changes unexpectedly. Monitoring is useful if you have recently had sensitive data breaches or worry about identity theft.

Loans and Credit Cards

Once you have checked your credit report and score, Public Data Check allows you to compare various loans, mortgages, and credit cards for which you may qualify based on your credit. You can check rates and terms from multiple lenders at once to find an offer that suits your needs. However, Public Data Check is not a lender itself, so you will still need to apply directly with any lenders you choose.

Additional Resources

Public Data Check provides helpful resources on improving and maintaining good credit. You can find guidance on disputing errors, preventing fraud, reducing debt, and optimizing your credit utilization. Their learning center also offers explanations of more complex topics like bankruptcy, repossession, and foreclosure in an easy to understand way.

Overall, Public Data Check aims to educate and empower users to gain control of their financial well-being through free access to credit reports and scores as well as useful tools and resources. Monitoring options and the ability to compare financial products can further help individuals make the best choices for their situation. However, some services do come at a cost, and Public Data Check does contain ads and sponsored content to support their free offerings.

Is Public Data Check Legit or a Scam?

Public Data Check is a data brokerage firm that provides people search reports and public records data for the UK. However, some consumers question whether the company is legitimate or a scam. This section examines Public Data Check to determine if they are a reputable company.

Services and Products

Public Data Check offers background check reports, public records research, and people finding services for residents of the United Kingdom. They provide records such as addresses, phone numbers, birth/death records, marriage/divorce records, property ownership, court judgments, and more. While they appear to offer a useful service, some doubt the accuracy and legitimacy of their data.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for Public Data Check are mixed. Some report receiving helpful information and quality customer service. However, others claim the service is a “scam” or “con,” providing little useful data for the fees charged. Multiple reviewers report being charged undisclosed subscription fees after signing up for a free trial. The company has a very low trust rating on independent review platforms. These concerning reviews call into question the ethics and reliability of the company.

Terms and Conditions

Public Data Check’s terms and conditions are not easily accessible on their website. This lack of transparency is problematic and may indicate unfair or predatory business practices. The specific details of their data sources, privacy policies, refund policies, and billing practices should be clearly outlined for customers. Failure to do so signifies a lack of legitimacy.


While Public Data Check purports to offer a useful public records search service, there are several red flags regarding their business practices, data accuracy, and customer treatment. The lack of transparency, questionable reviews, and reports of unauthorized charges lead me to believe this company should not be trusted. There are likely more reputable services available for conducting UK background checks and public records research. I would advise exercising caution if choosing to use Public Data Check’s services.

Public Data Check Pricing and Plans

Public Data Check offers three standard pricing plans for individuals and businesses in the UK. The plans vary based on the number of people covered, additional features, and available support.

Free Plan

The Free plan allows you to check your own personal data at no cost. You can access your credit report, check for signs of fraud or identity theft, and monitor your credit score. The Free plan is suitable for individuals who want to keep an eye on their own financial data and credit activity.

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Starter Plan

The Starter plan starts at £4.99/month and covers up to two adults. In addition to the features in the Free plan, you gain access to bank account and credit card monitoring to check for unauthorized charges or transactions. The Starter plan also includes £1M identity theft insurance and email alerts for important changes to your credit files or scores. This plan suits couples or small families looking for basic identity and financial monitoring.

Premium Plan

For £9.99/month, the Premium plan provides coverage for up to five adults with children under 18 also included at no extra cost. All the features of the Starter plan are included, along with monitoring for payday loans, address changes, and court judgments. Phone support from credit experts is available Monday to Friday. The Premium plan delivers comprehensive monitoring and support for most households.

Additional paid options include monthly reports mailed to your address, SMS text alerts, and credit reports and scores from all three UK credit bureaus. Discounts are offered for annual prepaid plans.

Public Data Check’s pricing is in line with competitors and they frequently run promotions offering the first month of a paid plan for £1. The mix of free and paid options means there’s a suitable level of coverage for most needs and budgets. For ongoing identity and credit monitoring, the small monthly fees provide good value given the importance of detecting fraud or other financial issues early.

Public Data Check vs Competitors

Public Data Check competes with several other public records and background check services in the UK, including Truthfinder, Instant Checkmate, and BeenVerified. However, Public Data Check stands out for the following reasons:

Comprehensive Reports

Public Data Check provides comprehensive background check reports containing extensive information gathered from numerous data sources. Their reports include details such as current and previous addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, property records, court records, and more. In contrast, competitor services may have access to more limited data sources, resulting in less thorough reports.

User-Friendly Interface

Public Data Check’s website has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to run background checks and view reports. Users can enter a name and location to begin a search and quickly scroll through the detailed results. The clean layout and organization of information on the site creates an enjoyable user experience. Some competitors have interfaces that can seem cluttered or confusing in comparison.

Reasonable Pricing

Public Data Check offers fair and reasonable pricing for their background check services. Packages start at £19.95 for a single comprehensive report. They frequently run promotions and discounts that can save customers even more. Competitor sites may charge significantly higher fees for similar or less detailed information. Public Data Check provides good value for the insights and data you gain access too.

Customer Service

Public Data Check prides itself on providing helpful and responsive customer service. They offer phone, email, and chat support to assist customers with any questions or issues. Their customer service team has received positive reviews for their knowledge, professionalism, and ability to resolve problems promptly. Some competitors struggle in the area of customer service, with limited contact options and unhelpful support.

In summary, while there are other options for background checks and public records searches in the UK, Public Data Check stands out as a reputable service with significant advantages for customers seeking comprehensive, user-friendly reports and great value. Their combination of extensive data, an intuitive interface, fair pricing, and stellar customer support make them a top choice.

Public Data Check Pros and Cons

Public Data Check offers some advantages as well as disadvantages to consider before using their services.


Public Data Check provides affordable and fast public records reports. For a small fee, you can access a wealth of public data on individuals and businesses across the UK. Reports are generated instantly upon request and provide comprehensive details from various data sources.

Public Data Check is a convenient one-stop shop for public records. Rather than searching through various government agency websites and paying separate fees, you can find most public records in one report from Public Data Check. They handle the legwork of compiling data from Companies House, HM Land Registry, electoral rolls, and other public data sources.

The site has an easy to use interface. Public Data Check’s website is simple to navigate. You can easily search for and order reports on the individuals or companies you need to research. Their clean layout and straightforward process makes accessing public records a hassle-free experience for casual and frequent users alike.


There is a chance of outdated or inaccurate information. As Public Data Check relies on public data sources, there is a possibility that some details in their reports may be out of date or contain errors. It is best to double check any important information found in their reports.

Limited reporting options. Public Data Check primarily provides individual and business reports. They do not offer other public records reports such as property records, vehicle records, or criminal records checks. For a full suite of public data reports, you may need to use additional services.

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Public Data Check is not free to use. Although their fees are reasonable, Public Data Check is a paid service. If you need to conduct public records research on a tight budget, you may want to start with free government and self-service options before using Public Data Check. Their pay-as-you-go model can add up over time with frequent use.

In summary, Public Data Check can be a helpful resource for basic UK public records research, especially for convenience and ease of use. However, there are some drawbacks to consider regarding data accuracy, limited report types, and paid access. For important records checks or comprehensive reporting needs, additional verification and alternative services may be required.

How to Use Public Data Check for a Background Check

To conduct a background check on someone using Public Data Check, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click ‘Start a New Background Check’. Enter the first and last name of the individual, along with their city and state.
  2. Select from the various data sources to include in your background check report. Options include public records, social media profiles, images, relatives & associates, and more. Choose which specific data types within each source you want to include, such as marriage/divorce records, liens/bankruptcies, current address history, etc.
  3. Pay for your background check report. Prices range from $19.95 to $49.95 depending on which data sources and specific data types you select. Public Data Check accepts major credit cards and PayPal.
  4. Review and verify the individual’s information. Carefully check that the details returned in the report match what you already know about the subject, like their current address, marital status, education, employment, and so on. Look for any discrepancies that could indicate fraud or deception.
  5. Analyze the results and records found. Scrutinize the individual’s social media profiles and images for any concerning content or clues into their character or lifestyle. Check for a criminal history or records of financial distress like tax liens, judgments or bankruptcies. See if their stated education or career details can be verified.
  6. Follow up on any questionable or suspicious findings. Do additional research on your own to confirm or refute the accuracy of the data found in the Public Data Check report before making any conclusions. Contact local courts, schools, employers or other sources directly to verify records when possible.
  7. Make a determination on the individual based on the overall findings. Weigh the volume, severity and validity of any negative information versus the positive details verified about the subject. Look for a consistent pattern of behavior and integrity before passing judgment on their character or trustworthiness.

In summary, Public Data Check can be a useful tool for conducting initial background research on an individual. However, users should exercise caution and verify any questionable results through further investigation to ensure accurate and fair conclusions.

FAQs About Public Data Check: Your Top Questions Answered

Public Data Check is a UK website that provides access to public records and information for a fee. Many people have questions about the legitimacy and services of Public Data Check. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Is Public Data Check legit or a scam?

Public Data Check is a legitimate business that provides real public data and records. They are not a scam. However, some users complain that the information can be found for free on government websites if you do some digging. Public Data Check simplifies the process by aggregating the data in one place for a fee.

What information does Public Data Check provide?

Public Data Check offers access to a wide range of public records and information such as:

  • Property ownership and council tax records
  • Marriage and divorce records
  • Birth, death and adoption records
  • Criminal records and convictions
  • Bankruptcies, repossessions and insolvencies
  • Planning applications and building control
  • And more.

The available records span from the mid-19th century through present day.

How much does Public Data Check cost?

Public Data Check offers pay-as-you-go access as well as monthly and annual subscription plans. Pay-as-you-go reports start around £4.99. Monthly plans are £9.99/month and annual plans are £79/year. The subscription plans provide unlimited access and records.

Is the information accurate and up to date?

Public Data Check obtains data directly from government data sources and local authorities. They aim to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information available. However, they cannot guarantee 100% accuracy as they are reliant on the data supplied to them. It is best to double check any important information.

Can I cancel my Public Data Check subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Public Data Check subscription at any time. Simply log in to your account, go to ‘My Subscriptions’ and select ‘Cancel Subscription’. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your current billing period.


In summary, after careful analysis of Public Data Check’s services and reviews from customers, you can feel confident using their background check and public records search services. They offer an easy to use website, affordable pricing, and comprehensive reports to help give you peace of mind and make important life decisions. While no service is perfect, Public Data Check appears to value customer satisfaction, use legal and ethical data gathering practices, and provide a helpful tool for researching people’s backgrounds. For a quick, reasonably priced, and detailed background check in the UK, Public Data Check seems to be a legitimate and useful service.

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