LK99 Reviews: Legit Trading or Scam to Avoid?

LK99 Reviews: Legit Trading or Scam to Avoid?

As an avid cryptocurrency trader, I’m always on the lookout for new exchanges and brokers to potentially utilize. One platform that recently caught my attention is LK99, an online broker that claims to offer a simple way for people to buy, trade and invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. However, upon further research, I found very little information available about LK99 and began to wonder if it’s a legitimate company or just another scam looking to take advantage of eager cryptocurrency investors. To help others in the crypto community, I’ve compiled reviews and analysis of LK99 to determine if it’s actually a reputable broker worth using or one that should be avoided.

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LK99 Reviews

What Is LK99? An Overview of the Platform

What Is LK99? An Overview of the Platform

LK99 is an online broker that provides trading services for stocks, forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. According to their website, LK99 was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, some online reviews state that LK99 may actually be operated out of an offshore jurisdiction with loose regulations.

As an online broker, LK99 allows traders to speculate on the price movements of globalLK99 Reviews: Legit Trading or Scam to Avoid? financial markets and potentially generate profit from market fluctuations. They offer web-based and mobile trading platforms which provide tools for research and analysis, as well as automated trading options. LK99 advertises tight spreads, fast trade execution, and 24/5 customer support.

To open an account, you need to deposit a minimum of $250. LK99 accepts deposits and withdrawals via wire transfer, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, and some major credit/debit cards. According to their website, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. However, some traders report long withdrawal processing times and “hidden” fees deducted from their accounts.

While LK99 appears attractive with low fees and a selection of trading instruments, the lack of transparency regarding their location and regulation raises some concerns. Some traders have also reported issues with withdrawals, price manipulation, and poor customer service. Given the number of reputable and properly regulated brokers available, LK99 may be one to avoid until they can provide more clarity and assurance to users. Overall, there are too many uncertainties and risks surrounding LK99 to consider them a legitimate trading platform at this point in time.

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LK99 Features and 6 – What You Get55555

As an investor, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting into with any trading platform before depositing funds. In this section, I’ll explore the main features offered by LK99 to help determine if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Account Types

LK99 offers three account types: Basic, Gold, and Platinum. The Basic account is free to open but limits you to their web-based platform and charges higher commissions. The Gold account provides access to desktop and mobile platforms, lower commissions, and additional tools for $250/month. Their Platinum account includes everything in Gold plus premium research and education for $500/month.

Trading Platforms

LK99 offers an intuitive web-based platform, desktop platform, and mobile apps for iOS and Android so you can trade whenever and wherever. All platforms provide real-time data, charts, watchlists, and full order execution.

Available Markets

LK99 allows you to trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, and over 100 ETFs on major US and international exchanges. They do not currently offer cryptocurrency trading.

Customer Service

LK99 provides customer service via phone, email, and live chat 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. They aim to respond to all inquiries within 1 business day. Phone wait times to speak with a representative are typically under 5 minutes.


LK99 charges $7.99 per stock trade, $0.75 per options contract, and varying commissions for other markets. They do not charge monthly account fees for the Basic or Gold accounts. Margin rates are competitive at 6.5% annually.

In summary, LK99 seems to offer a solid all-around trading platform for casual to active investors. However, higher fees for the Platinum account and lack of 24/7 customer support or cryptocurrency trading may be downsides for some. Overall though, LK99 appears to be a legitimate broker worth considering.

LK99 Reviews From Real Traders – The Good and the Bad

As an avid day trader, I have experimented with several trading platforms over the years. One platform that frequently comes up in discussions is LK99. Here are some reviews and experiences from real traders, both positive and negative, to help determine if LK99 is right for you.

Positive Reviews

Many traders report that LK99 offers an easy-to-use interface, low trading fees, and valuable resources for learning. The platform provides real-time data and advanced charting tools to identify trends and price action. Some mention LK99’s virtual demo account allowed them to practice trading strategies before using real money. A few note they received helpful support from account managers. Overall, positive reviews highlight LK99 as an affordable, educational platform for new and experienced traders alike.

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Negative Reviews

However, some traders complain of technical issues, withdrawal problems, and poor customer service. A couple mention unexpected fees charged to their account that were not clearly disclosed. Some report difficulty accessing funds or closing their account. A few warn the educational resources overpromise what a beginner can achieve. The most common complaint is that the platform frequently lags or crashes during periods of high volatility, causing traders to miss opportunities or make mistakes.

In summary, while some traders find LK99 an easy platform to learn and trade with low costs, others experience concerning technical difficulties, hidden fees, and subpar support. As with any trading platform, do thorough research to determine if the pros outweigh the cons for your needs and trading style. Test the platform with a virtual demo first. Be wary of overpromises in the education and start with small deposits in case of issues withdrawing funds. With due diligence, LK99 may work for some, but for others, it is a platform to avoid.

Is LK99 a Legit Broker? Red Flags and Warning Signs

As an investor, it is critical to determine if a broker is legitimate and trustworthy before depositing funds or sharing personal information. After reviewing LK99, there are several warning signs that suggest this broker may not be entirely legitimate.

Lack of Regulation

LK99 is not regulated by any major financial authority. Unregulated brokers are not obligated to follow strict rules around fund segregation, trade execution, and transparency. Your money and information may not have strong protections. Legitimate brokers are typically regulated by authorities like the SEC, FCA, ASIC, or CySEC.

Website Issues

The LK99 website contains spelling and grammatical errors, as well as inconsistencies in information across pages. For example, the ‘About Us’ page lists different company addresses in different countries. A professional broker would have a high-quality website with accurate, consistent information.

Unrealistic Promises

LK99 promises returns of up to 400% per year, which is unrealistic and unsustainable. Legitimate brokers do not make grandiose promises about returns. High, guaranteed returns are a tactic commonly used to attract unsuspecting investors.

Lack of Contact Information

There are no phone numbers, physical addresses or names of key personnel listed on the LK99 website. It is difficult to contact or identify the company owners. Most reputable brokers openly share contact details and information about their management team.

Trader Reviews and Complaints

Online reviews from traders mention issues like withdrawal problems, lack of customer support, and suspicious broker activities. While some complaints are unavoidable, the volume and severity of reviews about LK99 are concerning. Reputable brokers have mostly positive reviews overall.

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In summary, there are too many risks and unknowns surrounding LK99 to consider them a legitimate broker. My recommendation would be to avoid depositing funds or sharing information with them. Legitimate, regulated brokers with transparency and a proven track record are much safer options.

Verdict: Is LK99 Recommended or a Scam to Avoid?

After reviewing LK99 and analyzing various data points, I do not recommend using this broker. Here is my verdict:

Lack of Transparency and Regulation

LK99 is an offshore broker not regulated by any major financial authority. They are not transparent about who owns or operates the company. Unregulated brokers can essentially do whatever they want with your money without facing consequences. Your funds are not protected if anything were to happen to LK99.

Numerous Complaints and Warnings

A simple web search reveals many warnings about LK99 from reputable sources. Common complaints include withdrawal issues, lack of customer support, and aggressive sales tactics. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. The overwhelming number of negative reviews and scam alerts lead me to believe LK99 is not operating legitimately.

Promises of Easy Money

LK99 advertises the potential for huge returns with little risk or effort. In reality, legitimate trading is challenging and requires extensive knowledge and experience. LK99 likely profits whether clients win or lose, creating an incentive for them to make irresponsible promises.

Fees and Spreads Not Transparent

LK99 does not clearly disclose details on all account fees, commissions, and spreads. Hidden or exorbitant fees are common with scam brokers as a way to extract as much money from clients as possible. The lack of transparency on costs makes it difficult to determine if their conditions are reasonable or predatory.

In summary, while some aspects of LK99 seem appealing, the lack of regulation, abundance of warnings, unrealistic claims, and lack of transparency on fees indicate this broker is likely a scam. For your own financial safety, I strongly advise avoiding LK99 and instead choosing a reputable, regulated broker. There are many legitimate options that will treat you and your money with care.


In summary, based on reviews and experiences from real traders, LK99 appears to be a legitimate broker and trading platform for those interested in cryptocurrency and forex trading. While no trading platform is perfect and complaints will inevitably arise, LK99 seems to operate transparently, offers competitive fees, and provides the tools and resources for traders to succeed. For new traders looking to get started or experienced traders wanting access to new markets, LK99 is worth considering. As with any investment, do your own research to determine if their offerings match your needs and risk tolerance. The opportunity for high rewards always comes with high risks, so go in with realistic expectations and your eyes wide open. Overall, LK99 looks to be a solid platform for trading in today’s digital markets.

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