Just Eat UK Earnings How Much Can Couriers and Riders Expect to Make?

Just Eat UK Earnings How Much Can Couriers and Riders Expect to Make?

Courier and rider earnings for Just Eat in the UK vary depending on a number of factors. But, what’s the average? And how do you go about getting the most money for your work?

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In this article, we’ll take a look at Just Eat UK’s current payment system and what you can expect to make as a driver or courier.

Just Eat UK Earnings

A Brief Overview of Just Eat UK

Just Eat is an online food ordering and delivery service in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2001 by Jesper Andersen, Nikolaj Hviid, and Tore Myhrvold. The company is headquartered in London, England.

As of 2017, Just Eat has over 20,000 restaurant partners in the UK. Customers can order food from any of these restaurants through the Just Eat website or app. The company delivers food to customers in over 100 countries.

Just Eat UK earnings are generated through commission from restaurants. Riders and couriers are paid a per-delivery fee for their services.

What You Need to Become a Just Eat Courier or Rider

To become a Just Eat courier or rider, you’ll need:

  • A bicycle, moped or car
  • A smart phone with the Just Eat app downloaded
  • To be over 18 years old
  • To have a bank account and national insurance number
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If you meet these requirements, you’re good to go!

How Much Can Courier and Riders Expect to Make?

Just Eat couriers and riders can expect to earn a minimum of £4 per hour, but this figure may go up to as much as £10 per hour based on the shifts that are available.

Earnings From Customer Satisfaction Ratings

You also receive customer satisfaction ratings, which are based on the average rating you get from all of the Just Eat restaurants you’ve delivered to.

The customer satisfaction rating is important because it affects how much you get paid per delivery. For every star you have, you get an extra 5p per delivery. So, if you have a 4-star rating, you’ll get 20p extra per delivery.

The customer satisfaction rating is also used to determine if you’re eligible for certain bonuses. For example, Just Eat offers a attendance bonus, which is given to riders who maintain a high customer satisfaction rating and complete a certain number of deliveries per week.

Is Courier or Rider Work for Everyone?

Courier and rider work definitely isn’t for everyone. If you don’t like being on your feet all day, this probably isn’t the job for you. Courier and rider work can be very physically demanding, and you will be walking, biking or driving for long periods of time.

You also need to be able to deal with the occasional difficult customer, as well as handle rejection when people don’t want to accept your delivery. And of course, there’s always the possibility of getting lost or getting into an accident.

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So if you’re thinking about becoming a courier or rider, just make sure that you’re physically up for the task and that you’re prepared to deal with the occasional challenges that come with the job.

FAQs About Just Eat UK Earnings

You’re probably wondering how much you can expect to make as a Just Eat courier or rider in the UK. Well, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that will give you a better idea.

  • How much does Just Eat pay per delivery? Just Eat pays £3 per delivery, plus £0.45 per mile.
  • How much do I need to earn before I get paid? You must earn a minimum of £10 before you can be paid.
  •  When do I get paid? You will be paid weekly, every Wednesday.
  • What happens if I don’t make the minimum £10? If you don’t make the minimum amount, your earnings will be carried over to the next week.
  •  Do I have to pay for my own vehicle? Yes, you will need to use your own vehicle and you will be responsible for its upkeep and maintenance.
  • Can I use a bike? Yes, you can use a bike, but keep in mind that you’ll need to be able to carry any food orders that come in.


So, how much can couriers and riders expect to make working for Just Eat? The answer, unfortunately, is that it varies a lot depending on location. Generally, couriers can expect to make around £10 an hour, but this can go up to £15 an hour in London. As for riders, they can expect to make around £7.50 an hour.

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Of course, these are just average figures, and you may be able to make more or less depending on your skills and experience. It’s also worth noting that there are some opportunities to make tips as a Just Eat courier or rider, so keep your eyes peeled for those. All in all, it’s a good job if you’re looking for something with flexible hours and good pay.


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