is zalora legit or not? zalora Review and Complains

is zalora legit or not? zalora Review and Complains

As an avid online shopper, I am always on the lookout for the best deals and newest fashion trends. Recently, I came across Zalora, an ecommerce site that promises the latest styles at affordable prices with convenient shipping and returns. However, some online reviews gave me pause. With the rise of online scams and counterfeit goods, I wanted to investigate further to determine if Zalora is legit or too good to be true. After placing multiple orders and testing their customer service, I have concluded that Zalora is a reputable retailer, though not without some faults. Read on for my full review and analysis of Zalora based on my firsthand experiences as a customer. I will provide an honest assessment of the pros and cons to help you decide if Zalora is right for your needs and budget.

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is zalora legit or not?

Zalora Overview: A Popular Online Fashion Retailer

As an avid online shopper, I have purchased from various e-commerce retailers over the years. One of the popular fashion sites I frequently buy from is Zalora.


Zalora is a leading online fashion retailer that offers a wide range of clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products for men and women. Originally founded in Singapore, Zalora now has a presence in 23 markets across Asia Pacific and serves over 35 million customers.

Zalora works with over 2,000 brands and carries everything from high street favorites to independent labels to cater to different tastes and budgets. New styles are added weekly, so there’s always something fresh to discover. Orders can be placed via their mobile app or website and are delivered directly to your doorstep.

Range of Products

Zalora offers a huge selection of products across categories like dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, swimwear, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, cosmetics and more. Brands stocked include Zalora’s private labels as well as popular brands like Mango, Levi’s, Converse, SK-II, MAC and Clinique. Sizes range from petite to plus size, ensuring most customers will find items that suit them.

Payment and Shipping

Multiple payment methods are accepted, including major credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, cash on delivery and e-wallets. Most orders are shipped for free within 1-3 business days. Zalora also offers a 30-day return policy, so you can shop confidently knowing you can return items if they do not meet your expectations.

In summary, Zalora is a reputable fashion e-retailer that provides a convenient one-stop shopping experience. For the latest trends at competitive prices delivered to your doorstep, Zalora is worth checking out.

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Zalora Product Range: Extensive but Questionable Quality?

As an avid online shopper, I have purchased from Zalora multiple times over the years. While Zalora offers an extensive range of products across categories like fashion, beauty, and lifestyle at competitive prices, the quality can be questionable at times.

Zalora works with over 1000 brands, including their in-house labels, to provide shoppers a wide selection. However, in my experience, the quality of products varies greatly between brands and even within brands. Some items I have purchased have lasted and continue to be wardrobe staples, while others fell apart after a couple of wears or washes.

To ensure you receive items of acceptable quality, I would recommend reading reviews from other customers and only purchasing from brands you recognize and trust. Zalora’s return policy is relatively lenient, allowing returns within 30 days for a full refund, but it is still inconvenient having to return ill-fitting or poor quality goods.

Zalora frequently runs sales and promotions like daily deals, flash sales, and sitewide discount codes to offer the best prices. But be wary of prices that seem too good to be true, as the quality may reflect the heavy discounts. My advice would be not to get carried away by the hype of a sale, but make thoughtful purchasing decisions based on the brand and specific product details.

In summary, while Zalora should be commended for making a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products accessible, customers should exercise caution and discretion, especially with unfamiliar brands, to ensure they receive good value and quality for money. With some patience and prudence, you can find gems among the extensive options Zalora offers.

Zalora Delivery and Return Policy Review

Zalora offers free shipping for orders above a certain threshold, which varies by country and promotion. As a customer, I appreciate that Zalora provides free returns within 30 days of receiving my order. To initiate a return, I simply have to log into my Zalora account to print a prepaid return label. Then I can drop off the return package at a nearby courier pickup point or post office. Zalora will refund me once they receive and inspect the returned items.

Easy Tracking

Through my online Zalora account, I can easily track the status of my orders and returns. The site provides details on each step of the delivery and return process, from order confirmation to item pickup to refund completion. Such end-to-end transparency gives me peace of mind about my purchases and reassures me that Zalora values customer service.

Zalora also sends email updates on the delivery and return status, in case I can’t log into my account. The company appears committed to keeping customers informed at every stage of their experience.

Generous Policy

Zalora’s return policy is quite generous, allowing 30 days for returns with a full refund. The lengthy return window means I have plenty of time to decide if I want to keep my purchases. As an avid online shopper, I appreciate companies that stand by their products and make returns hassle-free. Zalora’s policy gives me confidence that if I’m not fully satisfied with an item, I can easily return it for a refund.

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In summary, Zalora’s delivery and return policy help make shopping on their site a pleasant experience. The free shipping, easy tracking, and generous return policy all contribute to a high level of customer service that keeps me coming back. For these reasons, I find Zalora to be a trustworthy and dependable place to shop online.

Common Zalora Complaints: Fake Discounts, Defective Items and More

As with any major retailer, Zalora has received some complaints over the years regarding their services and products. Here are some of the most common issues customers have reported:

Fake Discounts and Price Manipulation

Some customers have accused Zalora of artificially inflating original prices to make discounts seem larger than they really are. Zalora has denied these claims, though it can be difficult for customers to determine true value when shopping online. To avoid paying more than necessary, I recommend comparing prices across retailers and only buying items on sale that you were already interested in purchasing.

Defective or Poor Quality Goods

As Zalora operates as a marketplace with many third-party sellers, the quality of goods can vary. Some customers have received items that did not match the description or images on the website, were defective or damaged, or seemed cheaply made. Zalora does have a return policy to address these issues, though returning items can still be inconvenient for customers. Read reviews from other buyers and check the specific seller’s rating to determine their reliability before purchasing high-cost or fragile goods.

Slow or No Delivery

Some customers, especially those in more remote locations, have experienced delayed delivery timeframes or even non-delivery of their orders. Zalora relies on third-party couriers to handle shipping, so issues can arise that are outside of their direct control. However, Zalora is still responsible for ensuring customers receive the items they paid for in a reasonable timeframe. If you experience delivery issues, contact Zalora’s customer service department immediately to report the problem and request a refund or replacement.

Difficulty Obtaining Refunds

A few customers have reported problems obtaining refunds for returned items or canceled orders. Zalora’s return and refund policies seem straightforward, but actually obtaining your money back can potentially be complicated by layers of bureaucracy. Be sure to carefully document the condition of any returns and keep records of communication with Zalora’s customer service team in case of issues. If needed, you may need to contact your credit card company to dispute charges.

Overall, while Zalora is a legitimate company, as with any retailer there is a possibility of encountering problems. By exercising caution, comparing options, and knowing your rights as a customer, you can likely avoid or resolve many common complaints. Simply approach Zalora with realistic expectations, and be prepared to speak up if your experience does not meet their advertised standards.

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Is Zalora Legit? The Verdict Based on Customer Experiences

My Verdict on Zalora’s Legitimacy

Based on my research into customer reviews and experiences with Zalora, I believe they are a legitimate company. However, as with any business, they are not without their faults and shortcomings.

Zalora is an online fashion retailer that operates in Southeast Asia, offering a wide selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories. They are a reputable company that has been in business since 2012, though some customers have reported issues with their service and products.

On the positive side, many customers find that Zalora offers convenience, good deals and promotions, a wide range of brands and products, and an easy returns process. The majority of orders are delivered promptly and as expected. For these reasons, most shoppers have a good experience with Zalora and continue using them.

However, some unfortunate customers have received wrong items, damaged goods or items that did not match the online description. A few also struggled with Zalora’s customer service to resolve these types of issues. Delays in delivery or refunds have also been reported in a minority of cases.

In summary, while Zalora appears to be a legitimate company for the most part, I would advise customers to exercise some caution. Carefully check reviews of items before purchasing, understand the return policy, and inspect orders promptly upon delivery. If any issues arise, contact their customer service right away to increase the chances of a quick resolution. With vigilance and by managing expectations, most shoppers can have a positive experience with this popular online retailer.

In the end, I believe Zalora aims to provide good service and value to customers, though occasional mistakes and hiccups are inevitable. As long as you go in with realistic expectations about potential downsides of online shopping, Zalora can absolutely be a legitimate and worthwhile company to use. But as always, buyer beware.


Based on my experiences shopping with Zalora over the past few years, I would say they are a legitimate business operating legally and meeting customer needs. While some complaints surface regarding shipping, returns or customer service, no company is perfect and issues arise at times. Overall, Zalora provides good value for quality products at reasonable prices. For the convenience and selection, I will likely continue shopping with them. If you go in with realistic expectations about an online retailer and understand that rare problems can occur, Zalora is worth trying. They frequently run sales and promo codes, so you can often find a good deal. As with any website, be vigilant about checking that it’s the actual Zalora site you’re on before entering payment details. If you do experience an issue, report it to their customer service right away. Despite the occasional hiccup, Zalora remains one of my preferred fashion retailers.

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