Is legit or scam? Reviews and complaints

Is legit or scam? Reviews and complaints

As a busy working parent, finding reliable and affordable childcare is challenging.When I came across, a website claiming to connect families with vetted childcare providers for on-demand and long-term needs, it seemed too good to be true.The convenience of booking childcare at the click of a button is appealing, but is legit or just another scam preying on the vulnerability of parents in need of care?As someone hesitant to leave my children with a stranger, I had to investigate further to determine if is reputable and lives up to its promises or if there are reviews and complaints I should be aware of before using their services.

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Is legit or scam

What Is

What Is is a website that connects busy individuals with vetted and experienced “mom helpers” to assist with various household chores and tasks. As the founder, I launched in 2015 after struggling to find reliable help for everyday errands and chores. I realized that empty nesters and retired women were an untapped resource. thoroughly vets and interviews all candidates to ensure they meet our high standards of experience, skills, and trustworthiness. Our mom helpers, or “mompreneurs” as we call them, have years of life and work experience that make them ideally suited for handling household responsibilities. Tasks they assist with include:

  • Meal prep and cooking
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • Pet care and dog walking
  • Errand running like grocery shopping
  • Child care and tutoring

Using our website or mobile app, clients can easily book a mompreneur for either recurring or one-time jobs. Our mompreneurs set their own schedules and rates, and takes a percentage of the total cost of each booking as a service fee.

Over the last few years, has developed an excellent reputation for providing dependable and high-quality assistance with household tasks. We now have mompreneurs serving clients in over 40 cities across the United States and Canada. My goal is to continue improving our screening and matching process to ensure the best outcomes for both clients and mompreneurs. Overall, offers an innovative solution for tackling everyday chores by harnessing the power of the crowd. Services and Pricing

As an independent contractor on, I have used their services for over two years and would like to share details about their offerings and pricing.

Services connects individuals and businesses with vetted freelance professionals, known as “Mompreneurs,” to handle virtual assistant tasks. They specialize in providing administrative support, data entry, email management, calendar management, and more.

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Freelancers on the platform go through a rigorous screening process to ensure quality and reliability. offers a satisfaction guarantee and will work to resolve any issues. They aim to take the hassle out of hiring and make the process simple and affordable for all parties.

Pricing uses a simple tiered pricing model based on the level of service needed. Packages range from 10 to 40 hours per week and costs vary from $25 to $50 per hour depending on the complexity of work and experience of the freelancer. Bulk discounts are offered for long-term, high-volume contracts.

Payments are made directly through the website using all major credit cards or ACH bank transfer. They do not take any additional fees from contractors or clients. deducts a small percentage from the freelancer’s rate as a way to fund their services.

In summary, provides virtual assistant and administrative support services at reasonable rates through thoroughly vetted independent contractors. Their transparent pricing and satisfaction guarantee make hiring freelance help worry-free. I highly recommend them as a way to free up your time and focus on higher priorities.

Is HireMyMom Legit? Pros and Cons

When it comes to, there are some positives to consider as well as potential downsides to keep in mind. As with any service, it is important to go in with realistic expectations.


HireMyMom connects individuals who need help around the home with vetted and experienced “mom helpers.” The site thoroughly vets each mom helper before allowing them to offer their services. All mom helpers go through background checks, references checks, and an interview process. This helps ensure high quality, trustworthy helpers.

The site also allows you to read reviews from past clients to determine the best match for your needs. You can filter mom helpers by location, availability, skills, and experience. This makes it easy to find someone well-suited to the types of tasks you need help with.

Services offered by mom helpers range from house cleaning, laundry and meal prep to pet care, tutoring, and ride-sharing. The options are quite broad, so you should be able to find help with most household responsibilities.


While the vetting process aims to filter out unreliable individuals, there is always a possibility of encountering issues. No system is perfect, so you do take on some risk by inviting a stranger into your home. It is best to start with a trial run to ensure a good match before booking ongoing services.

The fees charged by mom helpers can vary significantly based on factors like experience, specific skills, and your location. The rates may be higher than hiring a neighborhood teen for casual babysitting or dog walking. You will need to determine if the fees align with your budget and needs.

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In summary, appears to take important steps to facilitate safe and helpful connections. However, as with any service, it is wise to go in with realistic expectations, check references, and start slowly to ensure a good fit before committing to an ongoing relationship. By taking normal safety precautions, could be a useful resource for tackling household responsibilities.

HireMyMom Reviews and Complaints From Customers

As with any website that provides a service connecting independent contractors with those seeking their skills, HireMyMom has received both positive reviews and complaints from customers. As someone considering using their services, I explored reviews from various sources to determine the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the company.

Positive Reviews

Many customers have left reviews praising the quality of service, professionalism, and value provided by the “mompreneurs” they hired through the website. Several noted that the flexibility, relatability, and life experiences of the women they worked with added value beyond just completing the task at hand. The diversity of skills and services available on the platform was also frequently cited as a benefit.

Complaints and Concerns

Some negative reviews complained about a lack of vetting that allowed unqualified individuals onto the platform, though the company does claim to evaluate candidates and check references. A few people noted difficulties in the payment process or lack of response from the company in resolving issues. The fees charged by HireMyMom, typically a percentage of the total cost of services, were objected to by a small number of reviewers as being too high for the value provided.

Resolution and Improvements

In response to complaints, HireMyMom has noted that they aim to mediate disputes between customers and contractors to find an acceptable resolution, though they do not guarantee satisfaction. They have also made ongoing improvements to their vetting and quality assurance processes to increase accountability and provide the best experience for all parties. However, as with any platform that relies on independent contractors, a certain amount of variability in quality may remain.

Overall, while no service is perfect, HireMyMom seems to provide a legitimate platform for connecting with a diverse range of skilled individuals for a variety of tasks at what many see as a reasonable cost, given the additional benefits of working with another woman and possible shared life experiences. By exercising normal precautions, the service appears reasonably trustworthy and able to meet the needs described on the website. However, as with any independent contractor site, customers should go in with realistic expectations about levels of professionalism and accountability to avoid potential disappointment.

Our Verdict: Is HireMyMom a Scam or Worth Trying?

After reviewing HireMyMom in depth, I have concluded that it is not an outright scam, but there are some concerns worth noting before using the service.

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Lack of Verification

HireMyMom does not appear to verify the identities or backgrounds of the “moms” offering their services on the platform. While many users report positive experiences, there is a risk of fraud or subpar work quality without a proper vetting process. As with any freelance platform, I would advise exercising caution and checking references when hiring a new mom.

Unclear Business Model

It is unclear exactly how HireMyMom makes money from connecting moms and clients. They claim moms set their own rates and HireMyMom does not charge any fees, but most businesses cannot operate sustainably under this model. There is a possibility of hidden fees or a bait-and-switch to higher priced services down the line. I would recommend using the platform cautiously until there is more transparency into their business practices.

Limited Services

HireMyMom primarily focuses on domestic and personal assistant type services like cleaning, organizing, meal prep and childcare. While the moms may be perfectly capable of other types of work, the platform itself is fairly limited. If you are looking for more specialized or professional freelance services, HireMyMom may not be the best option.

In summary, HireMyMom shows promise as an affordable way to outsource everyday tasks, but there are enough uncertainties and limitations that I cannot give it an unqualified recommendation at this point in time. For casual, low-risk jobs, the platform could be worth trying while exercising appropriate caution. For anything more serious or specialized, however, you may want to consider other more reputable and transparent freelance marketplaces. The choice is yours, but go in with your eyes open to the potential pitfalls.


In summary, while provides a unique concept that appeals to busy families and individuals seeking temporary help, there are a number of concerning factors that suggest this company may not actually deliver the high-quality, vetted services it advertises. The lack of transparency around hiring, screening, and payment processes, the disproportionate number of negative reviews citing issues with unreliable or dishonest caregivers, and the potential legal issues with how classifies its workers all raise red flags. For those needing temporary childcare, housekeeping or personal assistant help, it may be safer and more reliable to explore other options through licensed home care agencies, neighborhood Facebook groups, or trusted friends and family. seems to be an appealing idea, but in reality, does not appear to pass muster. My recommendation would be to steer clear of this company and look for help through more reputable sources.

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