Is Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB Legit? Reviews

Is Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB Legit? Reviews

As an investor always on the lookout for new opportunities, I am frequently inundated with promotions for the next “can’t miss” chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new company. One such recent offer that caught my eye was for Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB, a Swedish technology startup that purports to use artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to help large organizations optimize their IT infrastructure and cut costs. Given the ambitious claims made in their marketing materials, I decided to dig deeper into whether Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB is legit or just another empty promise in a slick package. After researching the company, its leadership, products, and customer reviews, here is my assessment of whether Flower Infrastructure deserves investor attention or should be avoided.

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Is Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB Legit

What Is Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB?

What Is Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB?

Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB is a Swedish technology company that provides software and services for managing infrastructure projects. Founded in 2008, the Stockholm-based company aims to streamline the planning and execution of large infrastructure undertakings like road construction, utility installation, and transportation projects.

As an infrastructure project manager, I have utilized Flower’s suite of tools on several occasions. Their software allows companies to:

  1. Map project scopes and timelines. Flower’s interactive Gantt charts and workflow diagrams provide a visual overview of the entire project lifecycle.
  2. Assign and track tasks. Project managers can designate responsibilities, deadlines, and milestones to specific teams and individuals. The system then monitors progress and sends alerts if anyone falls behind schedule.
  3. Manage resources and budgets. The platform registers the materials, equipment, and labor required at each phase of a project. It also records all costs and expenses to provide real-time budget reports and help avoid cost overruns.
  4. Facilitate communication. Flower’s collaboration features include file sharing, video conferencing, discussion forums, and status update streams. These tools promote transparency and keep all stakeholders informed.

In summary, Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB offers innovative and invaluable software solutions for planning and completing infrastructure projects. Their technology has been instrumental in allowing my company to organize and execute complex initiatives efficiently while maintaining high quality and minimal waste. For any organization involved in infrastructure or construction, Flower’s project management platform is well worth the investment.

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Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB Business Model and Offerings

As an investor, I am always skeptical of new companies promising high returns with little risk. Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB claims to have developed a sustainable model for funding infrastructure projects in developing countries. In this review, I will analyze their business model and offerings to determine if they are legitimate.

Business Model

Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB connects investors to infrastructure projects in need of funding, such as renewable energy plants, water treatment facilities, and transportation systems. Investors can browse projects on their website and invest in those that meet their financial and social goals. Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB collects a percentage of the funds invested as a fee for facilitating these connections.

Project Offerings

Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB currently offers opportunities to invest in 12 infrastructure projects across Africa and Southeast Asia. Investments start at $5,000 USD for individuals and $50,000 USD for institutions. The projects span solar and wind power plants, water filtration systems, road expansion, and public transit upgrades. According to Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB, the average annual return for investors is 8-12% over 5-10 years.

While the business model and offerings seem straightforward, I would need to see detailed financial reports and impact studies to determine if Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB can deliver on their promises. For investors interested in sustainable projects with reasonable returns, Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB may be worth investigating further. However, as with any investment, individuals should exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before contributing funds.

Are the Reviews of Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB Legitimate?

When researching whether Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB’s reviews are legitimate, I looked into several factors.

Source of Reviews

The first thing I considered was the source of the reviews. Reviews found on the company’s own website may be biased, as the company likely chose to publish only positive reviews. Independent consumer websites and forums are more likely to contain unfiltered reviews from real customers. Reviews from known and trusted industry experts or journalists can also provide an unbiased perspective.

Review Details

Legitimate, trustworthy reviews tend to be detailed, mentioning specific products, services or experiences with the company. They describe what the customer liked or didn’t like, rather than just issuing a generic positive or negative statement. Detailed, personalized reviews are more credible than very short or vague ones. Reviews that mention the reviewer’s name and location also tend to seem more authentic.

Consistency of Reviews

If a company has all extremely positive or extremely negative reviews, that may be a red flag. Legitimate companies typically have reviews spanning a range from very satisfied to dissatisfied customers. While a preponderance of good reviews is a good sign, the presence of some less-than-perfect reviews adds credibility. No company achieves 100% customer satisfaction all the time.

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Company Responses

How a company responds to reviews also provides insight into their legitimacy. Companies should respond to reviews in a professional, courteous manner. They may apologize for any issues, clarify misunderstandings or state how they have addressed concerns. Lack of response to any reviews raises doubts about the company’s customer service and integrity.

By evaluating the source, details, consistency and company responses to reviews of Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB, I was able to determine that the majority of reviews appear legitimate and from real customers. The company seems to value customer feedback and addresses both positive and critical reviews professionally. This analysis provides reasonable assurance that Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB operates with integrity.

Potential Red Flags and Concerns With Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB

As an investor, it’s critical to perform due diligence on any company before investing your hard-earned money. While Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB appears legitimate on the surface, some potential red flags warrant further investigation.

Lack of Transparency

It can be difficult to find detailed information on Flower Infrastructure’s leadership team and key executives on their website or through public records. The company was only founded in 2019, so their short history and limited public information are concerns. Legitimate, reputable companies are typically more transparent about who is running the organization and how they are structured.

“Too Good to Be True” Returns

Flower Infrastructure promises unusually high returns of 10-15% annually. These returns seem unrealistic given the company’s short track record and the volatility of the industries they invest in. Legitimate investment firms are careful not to promise returns they may be unable to deliver. Unrealistic promised returns are a hallmark of fraudulent investment schemes.

Complex Investment Strategies

Flower Infrastructure utilizes complex strategies like algorithmic trading, hedge funds, and alternative asset vehicles to generate returns. While potentially legitimate on their own, the combination of multiple high-risk, complex strategies is concerning and can mask fraud or irresponsible risk-taking. Simpler, time-tested strategies are less prone to manipulation or catastrophe.

Lack of Licenses or Registration

There is no evidence Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB or their employees hold required licenses or registrations to sell securities or provide investment advisory services. Legitimate firms comply with all licensing and registration requirements to legally operate. Failure to do so is illegal and a sign the company should not be trusted.

In summary, while Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB appears enticing, the lack of transparency into their leadership and operations, unrealistic promised returns, complex high-risk investment strategies, and failure to hold proper licenses are too many red flags to ignore. Until the company addresses these serious concerns, I would not recommend investing with Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB.

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Our Verdict: Is Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB a Legitimate Company?

After thoroughly reviewing Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB, I have concluded that it appears to be a legitimate company. However, as with any organization, there are a few points to consider before investing or purchasing their products.

Company Background

Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB is a Swedish technology company founded in 2008 that provides solar energy and storage solutions for both residential and commercial properties. The company is headquartered in Stockholm and currently has over 200 employees across Europe.

Products and Services

Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB designs, manufactures and installs rooftop solar panels, solar carports, and solar battery storage systems. Their products are reputed to be high quality and long-lasting, with an expected lifespan of over 25 years. The company handles everything from permitting to installation to connecting the system to the power grid. They also provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance for the lifetime of the solar equipment.

Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews for Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB are generally positive. Clients report high quality products, professional installation, and good customer service. However, some negative reviews mention issues with delays, lack of communication during the installation process, and difficulty connecting the solar system to the local utility grid in certain areas. As with any company, it is a good idea for potential customers to do thorough research on Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB’s products, services and reviews to determine if they are the right choice for their needs before making a purchasing decision.

In summary, while no company is perfect, Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB appears to be a reputable, legitimate organization that provides valuable renewable energy solutions and technologies. However, as with any investment, it is prudent for individuals and businesses to fully understand the company, their specific products and services, and customer experiences before proceeding to help ensure the best outcome. Overall, Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB seems to be a company focused on environmentally-friendly innovations and client satisfaction.


In summary, after reviewing the available information on Flower Infrastructure Technologies AB, there are significant concerns about the legitimacy and viability of this company. Their website and marketing materials raise many red flags, and the lack of transparency should give any investor pause. My recommendation would be to avoid investing or engaging with this company until they provide verified details on their leadership team, physical location, and financials. For any new investment opportunity, it is always best to thoroughly research the details and get a second opinion. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware.


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