Doordash Promo Code How We’re Making Dashing Even Safer

Doordash Promo Code How We’re Making Dashing Even Safer

You may have heard that DoorDash is working to improve safety on our platform.

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Here’s how we’re doing it: we’re now using a new feature called DoorDash Shield. DoorDash Shield is an additional layer of protection that helps to ensure your order is delivered safely to your doorstep.

How We’re Making Dashing Even Safer

DoorDash Shield is activated for all orders that are placed through the DoorDash app and for all delivery orders that are over $15. With DoorDash Shield, you can rest assured that your order will be delivered safely and securely.

To learn more about DoorDash Shield, check out our website or our help center. And don’t forget to use your exclusive promo code to get $5 off your next order!

The Current Health and Safety Protocols

At Doordash, the safety of our Dashers and customers is always our top priority. To ensure that everyone stays safe while dashing, we have a number of health and safety protocols in place.

For one, all of our Dashers are required to complete a food handler’s course. This online course helps Dashers learn about food safety, hygiene and cross contamination. It’s important that everyone who handles food is aware of the risks and how to prevent them.

In addition to the food handler’s course, all Dashers are required to wear gloves when they dash. This helps protect both the Dasher and the customer from any potential bacteria or contamination.

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We also have a robust system for tracking orders. This system helps us keep track of each order, ensuring that each delivery goes to the right address and that the food arrives at the correct temperature.

We understand that safety is paramount for both our Dashers and customers, and we are constantly working to improve our health and safety protocols.

The Dashing Processes for Contactless Delivery

When it comes to your food, we want to make sure that it’s handled with the utmost care. That’s why we’ve implemented a few processes to make dashing even safer.

For starters, all of our Dashers are background-checked before they’re ever allowed to take on a delivery. We also have a zero-tolerance policy for violence, and we have a team of experts who are always on call to handle any emergency situation that may arise.

In addition, we’ve implemented contactless delivery processes to keep you and your food safe. When you place an order, you’ll be given a unique code that can be used to track your order in real-time. This way, you’ll always know where your food is, and you’ll never have to worry about it disappearing during delivery.

How Dashing Is Supporting Local Restaurants

When you’re out and about, nothing beats the convenience of a DoorDash order. You can get your food delivered right to your door, without having to leave the house. Plus, you can be sure that you’re getting a great selection of food, from local restaurants that you know and love.

DoorDash is committed to supporting local businesses. We know that when you eat at a local restaurant, you’re not just supporting a business, but also the community that surrounds it. That’s why we’re committed to working with local restaurants and making sure they get the exposure they deserve.

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The Additional Safety Measures in Place for Food Preparation

You’ve probably heard of the additional safety measures in place for food preparation. These include thorough hand-washing for all orders, contactless delivery for those who choose it, and the introduction of single-use containers in some cities.

We have also increased our partnerships with local health and safety organizations in order to create the safest possible delivery experience. These organizations help us ensure that all of our restaurant partners adhere to the highest standard of food safety protocols and regulations.

Furthermore, we are constantly monitoring health and government advisories to make sure that our policies are up to date and consistent with their recommendations. We want you to feel secure that your meals are prepared safely by working closely with these organizations and following their advice regularly.

How Doordash Is Encouraging Customers to Stay Safe

To make sure our customers, Dashers and restaurant partners stay safe during the pandemic, we’re doing even more to ensure that everyone involved has a safer Dashing experience. Here are a few of the initiatives we’ve launched:

  • We’re providing a contactless delivery option for customers who want to minimize physical contact. This allows customers to indicate their preference for a courier leaving their order at their doorstep without making physical contact.
  • We provide face masks and hand sanitizer to all of our couriers, free of charge and with no delivery fee. This helps couriers be even more prepared when they are on the move or facing any obstacles while on their journey.
  • We’ve also been providing free COVID-19 insurance coverage for eligible Dashers who have agreed to deliver food during this time of need. This coverage helps compensate them if they contract the virus while dashing, leaving them feeling secure while they help out in a time of need.
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These are just some examples of what we’ve been doing to make sure everyone is staying safe; we hope you can take advantage of these options so you can enjoy your next DoorDash experience without fear!

How to Use the Doordash Promo Code for Even More Savings

With the Doordash promo code, you can enjoy even more savings. Simply enter the code when you check out and you’ll get a flat rate or percentage off your order. Even better, the Doordash promo code is stackable, so you can use multiple codes at once.

You’ll also find that the Doordash Promo Code is quite flexible. You can apply it to many different types of orders and use it to get discounts on delivery fees as well as your order totals. So why not take advantage of this great offer and stack some codes? The savings are definitely worth it!


DoorDash is committed to making your food delivery as safe as possible. In addition to our rigorous safety standards, we’re now offering a new way to ensure your food is delivered exactly the way you want it. With our new Doordash promo code, you can now enjoy $5 off your food delivery and know that your food is being delivered by the best in the business.

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