Clipclaps Reviews : Is Clipclaps Legit or Fraud?

Clipclaps Reviews : Is Clipclaps Legit or Fraud?

As an avid content creator and someone always on the lookout for new ways to earn money online, I recently came across an app called Clipclaps. Clipclaps promotes itself as a way for users to earn cash rewards for watching short video clips, liking and sharing content, and completing other small tasks. Given the proliferation of apps, websites, and companies looking to take advantage of people in the gig economy, I have to admit I was skeptical about the legitimacy and ethics of Clipclaps. Is it really possible to earn money just for passive enjoyment of entertaining videos and social media engagement? Or is Clipclaps just another scam looking to profit off the time and data of users? I decided to put Clipclaps to the test to find out if it’s legit or fraud.

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What Is Clipclaps? An Overview of the App

What Is Clipclaps? An Overview of the App

Clipclaps is a social media platform and entertainment app where users can create and share short videos, photos and live streams. The app launched in 2019 and has grown quickly, now with over 50 million users worldwide.

As a user, you can upload and edit your own short videos, photos and live streams or browse content from people you follow. The app focuses on casual, light-hearted content meant to make people smile, laugh and feel good. Subjects range from comedy sketches and viral internet challenges to travel vlogs, food videos and more.

To start using Clipclaps, you simply download the app, create an account and profile, then begin following other users and uploading your own content. You can like and comment on other people’s posts, build an audience and gain popularity on the platform. Clipclaps aims to connect people through shared moments of joy and humor.

The company makes money through advertising and brand partnerships. Advertisements appear between posts and sponsored challenges or hashtag campaigns are also common. Some influencers and popular users can make money through the Clipclaps Creator Fund by generating traffic and engagement.

While some critics argue the app lacks meaningful content or intellectual value, Clipclaps counters that they fill an important niche – providing light, casual entertainment to brighten people’s days and bring communities together. The app’s popularity suggests that many users appreciate its fun, carefree nature.

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Overall, Clipclaps seems poised to continue growing as a platform for short-form, lighthearted content and connections between users. For those seeking an upbeat, amusing social media experience, the app may well be worth exploring.

How Does Clipclaps Work to Earn You Cash?

As an online content platform, Clipclaps makes money through advertising revenue and shares a portion of that revenue with users like myself who view ads and engage with content on the app.

How Do I Earn Cash?

To start earning cash with Clipclaps, I simply needed to download the free app and create an account. Once my account was set up, I began earning “claps” points for doing various activities within the app like:

  • Watching short video clips and ads which award 1-10 claps per view
  • Commenting on or reacting to content which awards 2-5 claps
  • Sharing content to my social networks which awards 5-20 claps
  • Completing short surveys or quizzes which award 50-200 claps

For every 10,000 claps I earn, Clipclaps deposits $10 into my account. I can then cash out my earnings via PayPal once I reach $20. The more I engage with content and ads, the more opportunities I have to rack up claps and increase my earnings.

While Clipclaps will not make me rich, many users report earning an extra $30-$50 per month using the platform in their spare time. For simply viewing a few short ads and engaging with some entertaining content from my mobile device, Clipclaps provides an easy way to generate some modest cash earnings without major effort or time required. Overall, Clipclaps seems to offer a legitimate opportunity for casual users to earn a bit of extra money through its unique model of sharing advertising revenue for participation and engagement.

Is Clipclaps Legit? Red Flags and Concerns

As an avid user of money-making apps, I have tested many over the years. One that frequently comes up is Clipclaps, an app that pays users to watch videos and complete other small tasks. However, some aspects of the app have led me to question whether Clipclaps is legitimate or potentially fraudulent.

Unrealistic Rewards

Clipclaps promises users can make $50 to $100 per day just for watching videos and liking posts. In my experience testing the app, these numbers seem unrealistic. The points and cash out amounts are very small, often only a few cents for watching a video. To earn even $10 would require hours of work per day on the app, making the promised daily earnings improbable.

Strict Withdrawal Terms

Another red flag is Clipclaps’ withdrawal policy. Users must earn at least $10 to withdraw cash and can only make one withdrawal request per day. Your account must also be active for at least 7 days before you can withdraw. These terms make it difficult to actually earn and receive money from the app.

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Advertiser Relationships Unclear

Clipclaps claims to make money by sharing advertising revenue with users. However, the details of these advertiser relationships and revenue shares are vague. There is a lack of transparency around how much the app is actually making from advertisers and how much of that revenue is passed onto users. This ambiguity raises doubts about the legitimacy of payments.

In summary, while Clipclaps markets itself as an easy way to make money watching videos on your phone, several factors point to the potential of it being an illegitimate or fraudulent app. The promises of unrealistic daily earnings, strict withdrawal policies, and unclear advertiser relationships are all red flags that have led me to distrust the app and question whether payments are actually being made as advertised. I would advise approaching Clipclaps, and any money-making app, with a healthy degree of skepticism.

Clipclaps Reviews From Real Users – The Good and Bad

As an avid user of money-making apps, I decided to test out Clipclaps to determine if it is a legitimate way to earn some extra cash or just another scam. After using the app for several months, here is my review with the pros and cons based on my personal experience.

The Good

Clipclaps does pay out as promised if you watch enough videos and accumulate enough “claps”, which are the points earned for engaging with content. I have received several payouts to my PayPal account, usually within 2 to 3 business days of requesting a withdrawal. The threshold to withdraw funds is fairly low at $10. While the amount earned per video view is small, the claps do add up over time if you use the app consistently.

The app is simple to use. You just browse available videos, click to watch, and earn claps for watching, liking, commenting and sharing. Clipclaps also frequently runs bonus clap events where you can earn double or triple claps for a limited time. They offer a daily check-in reward, spin-the-wheel game, and other ways to boost your earnings.

The Bad

The biggest downside is that the amount earned per view is very little, often just 1 to 3 claps which equals $0.01 to $0.03. You have to spend a significant amount of time watching videos to earn a meaningful amount of money. The video quality and content also varies, and you have no control over the types of videos available. Some are interesting but many are rather pointless.

While Clipclaps does pay out, the app feels designed primarily to generate advertising revenue. The video content seems aimed at getting people to watch as many ads as possible. Your personal data and viewing habits may also be collected and used for targeting ads and content.

In summary, Clipclaps can be a legitimate way to make some extra money if you don’t mind spending a lot of time watching videos and ads. However, the small payouts and privacy concerns prevent me from highly recommending this money-making app. For most people, there are better and more worthwhile ways to earn additional income. But if you simply want to earn a few dollars in your spare time, Clipclaps could work for you.

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Verdict: Is Clipclaps Worth Your Time or a Scam?

After reviewing Clipclaps and how it operates, I have determined that it is legitimate and worth your time, with some caveats.

Payment Method

Clipclaps pays users through PayPal, which requires a verified account to withdraw funds. This provides security that your earnings will actually be paid out, unlike some scam apps. However, the minimum payout threshold of $10 can take a while to reach for most users.

Task Variety

Clipclaps offers a range of ways to earn money, from watching videos and completing surveys to inviting friends and playing games. This diversity of options helps keep the app interesting while allowing you to earn at your own pace. That said, the payout for most tasks is quite low, on the order of $0.01 to $0.10 per video or game, so accumulating funds can require persistence.

Customer Support

Clipclaps provides 24/7 customer service to help resolve any issues. They are generally prompt and helpful in responding to support tickets. The app also has an automated helper named Claude to address basic questions. This level of support is reassuring compared to scam apps that often lack any means of contacting them.

In summary, while Clipclaps will likely not make you rich, it can be a legitimate way to earn some extra money in your spare time. As with any money-making app, be cautious of providing sensitive personal information. However, if you go in with realistic expectations about the potential payouts, Clipclaps can be worth exploring as a way to get paid for the types of activities many people already do online. The diversity of available tasks and payment security provide reassurance that this app is credible, not a scam. With patience and persistence, you can earn a modest amount of money through Clipclaps by taking advantage of the many opportunities they offer.


In summary, while Clipclaps does have some positive aspects like an easy-to-use interface and various ways to earn money, there are too many risks and uncertainties to wholeheartedly recommend the app. The opacity around how rewards are calculated and distributed raises more questions than answers. For most people, the time invested in using the app likely does not equate to a meaningful monetary return. My recommendation would be to avoid Clipclaps and instead focus your time and energy on other side hustles or money-making opportunities that are more transparent and provide greater certainty. The risks simply outweigh the rewards.

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